Aveeno Baby Mum & Baby Giftset Review

Reviewed by Amanda Gazzard

Ho ho ho, it’s that time of year we start thinking on what we can buy someone for Christmas. Well look no further as today I am reviewing a mother and baby giftset from Aveeno.  

The gift set is presented in box with a clear window, so you are able to see the products. Just peeking over the top of the baby moisturising lotion was a teddy bear head.

I was excited to try these products not only on myself but also on my young daughter especially as I do not like to use harsh moisturisers as I suffer with sensitive skin and my daughter suffers with eczema.

The gift set consists of Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion, Aveeno Baby Daily Care Baby Hair & Body Wash, Aveeno Baby Daily Care Baby Moisturising Lotion and a soft teddy bear comforter.

“When your skin feels beautiful, so do you. With ingredients like triple oat complex and natural shea butter, AVEENO® body care replenishes skin’s natural moisture, leaving it smooth, soft, and naturally healthy”

AVEENO® Daily Moisturising Lotion 300ml:

Formulated with naturally active colloidal oatmeal, this fast absorbing lotion is clinically proven to significantly improve the condition of dry skin in just 2 weeks. Significantly improves the condition of dry skin in just 2 weeks, Moisturises skin for 24 hours.

I use a daily moisturiser twice everyday as part of my skin care routine as I suffer with sensitive dry skin. I was very keen to try this product out as I had seen the adverts with Jennifer Anniston (huge fan) and think her skin looks amazing. Now for Aveeno to be stating that it moisturises the skin for 24 hours I was interested to test to actually see if this is totally proven. Well let me assure you that after 1 day of applying to my skin it was noticeably softer than when I had used other branded products and within the 24 hour period my skin did not dry out. The cream was easy to apply as it had a pump nozzle which locks very easily when not in use. The cream absorbed effortlessly and it left no greasy residue behind which is always a plus. There was no nasty fragrance in fact I would say it was fragrance free.

My daughter suffers with eczema and I found this cream not to react on her skin. I also noticed her skin in fact looked a lot less angry and sore after a few days of applying.

AVEENO® Baby Daily Care Baby Hair & Body Wash 300ml:

Gently cleanses baby’s delicate skin from top to toe without leaving it feeling dry. It leaves hair soft, shiny and easy to comb. Its mild formulation can be used daily. With colloidal oatmeal and oat essence. Cleanses without leaving baby’s skin dry. Can be used daily. Developed for new-born skin. Paediatrician tested. Free from parabens, dyes, soap and alcohol. Also suitable for babies who may be prone to eczema.

Now I don’t know about you but when it comes to using a body wash that is for sensitive skin I often find even with it being a body wash for sensitive skin my skin still feels dry, so I was not holding out much hope. Well all I can say is I was proven wrong. I found the body wash created a good lather and I found it removed my make up well. The soap did not irritate my eyes and it had a pleasant fragrance. The hair and body wash is dispensed from a pump nozzle which locks easily when not in use. I found the soap was gentle enough on my daughter’s skin that it did not cause a breakout of her eczema. My daughter even used it on her hair and it did not dry her scalp. I did not use it on my hair, this was only because I have very long curly hair. After a week of using the body wash I felt that both of our skins were noticeably softer and combined with daily moisturiser I can honestly say this is the best my skin has felt in a long time.

AVEENO® Baby Daily Care Baby Moisturising Lotion 150ml:

Specially designed for the first few weeks of baby’s life, this lotion moisturises dry and delicate skin for 24 hours.

I initially thought as this comes in a smaller container that it would run out quicker but to be honest I was surprised at how little cream went to so far. I used this daily on my daughter and it absorbed easily and effortlessly. It had a pleasant fragrance, slightly stronger than the body and hair wash. Due to the size it was handy to take out and about.

Overall I was very pleased with all of the products I reviewed and give them a well-deserved 5 out of 5 stars.

With Christmas fast approaching this would make an ideal gift for either a mum to be or for anyone with a little bundle of joy.

The gift set retails at around £20 and is not overly expensive Christmas gift either to treat yourself or a special person in your life with the added bonus of a little teddy bear comforter.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £20

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