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Goal Power Healthy Kids Snack And Game Review


Reviewed by Alice Dixon

This week we have been sent Goal Power snacks to test out. Goal Power snacks are small oat bars which also come with a collectible card football card game. The Goal Power bars arrived in a small, neat cardboard box that fitted through our letterbox. Inside were four oat bars, two of each of the two available flavours which are strawberry and blueberry. Each bar was individually wrapped and then packaged inside another tiny cardboard matchbox style box with the cards. The boxes are brightly coloured with characters playing football on the front and the nutritional information displayed on the back. This did seem like a lot of packaging for a small snack however most of it can be recycled.

The oat bars themselves are 20g small bars. They really are small but perfect for a quick bite sized pick me up snack. The oat bars are all naturally made with gluten free British oats, coconut, dates, pea protein, sunflower seeds and then either strawberries or blueberries. The bars have no added sugar, are high in fibre and are free from nuts and gluten and vegan. As a Mum of two young children it’s very important to me that my sons eat healthily. I frequently have to buy more food to replenish what they get through. As growing boys they get hungry quickly needing plenty of snacks to sustain their growth. I think it’s great that I can allow my children to enjoy these oat bars at their snack time knowing they are healthy and nutritious. Another aspect I like is that Goal Power snacks use no palm oil and are made in the UK making them environmentally friendly too!

Each afternoon my children and I take a break together. We make a drink, a healthy snack and play some form of card game or board game. So we decided to try the oat bars and conveniently they come with a card game to play. Each box includes five cards. A blue ‘pass’ card, two blue ‘shoot’ cards, a red ‘saved’ card and a red ‘goal’ card. The bottom of the box explains the rules of the game. Basically players take it in turns to turn over a blue card. If it’s a ‘pass’ card then you turn over another blue card. If it’s a ‘shoot’ card you turn over a red card and see if you score. The winner is the player with the most goals at the end. The game is very simple and easy to play and we all enjoyed playing. The more cards you collect the longer the game can continue for. We found the twenty cards we have from the four packs was enough to have a fun game between the three of us. My children are enjoying it so much that we’ve continued to play at snack time despite having now finished all of the oat bars. As for the bars themselves, they are soft and chewy and naturally sweet. Very tasty for snack time, lunch boxes or half time!

The boxes also contain a link and QR code for the Goal Power website which has some free downloadable sheets to print encouraging children to set some personal goals of their own to try to achieve. There is also a section for parents with information on how to get your children more active.

Overall we are very impressed with the Goal Power snacks. It is clear the company is passionate about keeping kids healthy and helping our planet. We will be enjoying many more of these and adding to our card collection. My son just wishes they were bigger as he says they are so yummy.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £8.00 for a pack of 8

This product can be purchased from the Goal Power website here.

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