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Gibsons Games Christmas Bauble Jigsaw Review


Reviewed By J Wright

The jigsaws arrived promptly inside a corrugated cardboard box, keeping the bauble shaped packaging intact. The puzzles are attractively packaged in a Christmas theme with gold foil and it wouldn’t go amiss hanging from the branches of a Christmas tree or nestled underneath with the rest of Santa’s delivery. There’s even a ribbon if you’d like to hang it on the tree.
Cleverly packaged in cardboard which slots together to form a large Christmas bauble the jigsaw pieces are inside in a small clear plastic bag so there are no sneaky pieces escaping before you can put it together. Similarly, with caution opening the bag it will all package up again and fold back together as a bauble to be brought out year in year out if you’d like to.
At 200 pieces and 20 x 29cm in diameter the completed image won’t take up much room and will fit easily on a small table alongside your Eggnog and mince pie.
The pieces are slimmer than some jigsaws though still robust enough for use and re-use.
The jigsaw could be companionably be completed by two people as you receive two identical photos to follow which shows the finished product. This could be more of a family activity however, as the puzzle picture doesn’t have a single way to view it so you could most likely have another two people around the table.
The images are of hundreds of cheerfully, shiny, coloured baubles all thrown together which keeps the Christmas theme going and after finding the edges first, battle commenced. We found this puzzle marginally more challenging than we first expected but stuck with it because it is a pretty picture and well worth completing. The biggest difficulty we found was the living room light reflecting off of the glossy jigsaw surface. So a picture of glossy baubles on a shiny surface with the light bouncing off it seemed to blend the colours on regular intervals and this presented a greater challenge – but then this is the point of a jigsaw puzzle, mindful, low level challenge.
It was slow progress at the start but like most jigsaws the enjoyment heightened as the pieces clicked in one by one and the picture came together before you. In the end it took us just over two hours and was well worth the effort. This was completed in August for our review but without trying to wish the year away it made us look forward to family gatherings, turkey and Slade.
Gibsons Games Christmas Bauble Jigsaw puzzle is recommended and it’ll fit neatly between Raiders of the Lost Ark and the Queen’s Speech.
A nice little stocking filler.
Gibsons Games is a family run business of 101 years and their ethos is about bringing people together. Exactly what we want from board games and at Christmas time. Gibsons use 100% recycled board for their entire jigsaw range and work with the best artists from all around the world. They’ve also won awards for Family Business of The Year and Parenting Product Of The Year, Gift of the Year amongst others. It’s easy to feel that the product is from a well reputed and long standing British business, a good standard for gifts and family entertainment alike.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £7

This item can be purchased from the Gibsons website here

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