PetSafe Items Review


Recently my granddaughter M aged 17 adopted a young female Chipoo (Chihuahua /Poodle),
she was really looking for a puppy, but with lockdown they are almost impossible to find
even at inflated prices. Her granddad noticed an advert on the Internet for an almost two
year old female Chipoo for sale due to the owner’s change of circumstances, we said an
older dog might be better as she could take her out for walks straight away as cabin fever
was getting to her in lock down. M arranged to go meet her that evening with her mother
to see what she thought. For M and Bambi it was love at first sight, her mother wasn’t so
sure. She came home with them that same evening complete with a couple of jumpers as
she felt the cold, and a carry bag which she is still retreats to at times. The previous owner’s
mother told them her daughter had moved out of the family home into her own flat, she
then changed jobs so now had to work nights, as a result Bambi was left alone for long
periods of time, sometimes overnight. They felt it only fair to find her a new home where
she could be spoiled!!
That first night Bambi slept on M’s bed, but woke her at 4.30am by licking her face as she
needed to go outside, she then wanted feeding! M and her mother decided they would buy
her a crate, bed and blankets to create her own safe space, plus a couple of squeaky toys
which she loves. Their idea was that Bambi would settle in her crate overnight, or if they
both had to go out. Bambi didn’t think much of that idea, she barked and whined for a
couple of hours that night annoying the neighbours until M gave in and took her duvet
downstairs and slept on the settee, Bambi then settled in the crate. If they popped out to
the shop she barked for almost the whole time (M left a mobile phone recording). M
wanted to buy several things for her but was persuaded to wait as the most important thing
they needed to sort out was a complete set of Vaccinations as Bambi had not had any since
her puppy ones according to her Vaccination Record, plus of course the barking and whining
if they went out. Bambi was really well trained already, she will sit alongside you whilst
eating a sandwich and not try to get it or beg for food, if eating a meal at the table she will
wait patiently waiting for some chicken once we have all finished eating. She always asks to
go out by sitting at the door and gives a long whine as an indication. It is just the wanting to
be with M all the time and barking and whining when not that they are finding difficult. The
vet says she is settling very well already as has only been with M and her mother for such a
short time.
Petsafe offered to send ‘a couple of things’ to help with re-homing and settling a dog. The
main thing my daughter was worried about was the barking and whining at night, or if they
popped out, she had been looking at Petsafe anti-bark products, but did not want a collar
that gave the dog a shock if it barked.

PetSafe, Collarless Ultrasonic Remote Trainer, Two Tone, Safe, Anti Bark
This is the item my daughter was most interested in and was included in the items received
from Petsafe. This Collarless Ultrasonic Remote Trainer is battery operated (batteries not
included) and has two buttons which are used to emit ultrasonic sounds. The idea of this

training system which has a nine-metre range is you click the positive tone to encourage
good behaviour and the negative tone to discourage bad whether indoors or out.
M was working with Bambi who is really well behaved during the day when they are there
and was using the positive button to praise her during training when she began barking at
something. M immediately pressed the negative button which Bambi did not approve of,
she calmly walked over to M and took the remote out of her hand and walked off with it!
Remote retrieved Bambi didn’t bark for a quite some time after that. Hopefully she will get
the idea that barking for no reason is not good, but they still want her to bark to alert them
when someone is approaching their door.

RRP: £36.99

Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent

This is only for use indoors and the batteries were included, there is a good/low indicator on
the unit for the battery life. This device has a microphone inside which picks up on the
sound of a dog barking within eight meters of the unit and emits an ultrasonic sound which
can be heard by the dog, but is silent to almost all humans, once the dog stops barking the
sound it is emitting stops. If you want to use this device in several rooms, you will need to
buy a second unit. The idea is that the dog will be startled by the sound the unit emits when
it barks and stop. This unit is free standing or can be hung from a door or mounted. It says
in the instructions that it can take up to two weeks to work so it is early days yet.

RRP: £25.99

Petsafe Booster Seat 5kgs Brown

As soon as this was unpacked Bambi was straight in it, even before M had completed
assembling it. She couldn’t wait for the quilted micro suede and quilted pad liner to be
inserted; she loves it! The fleece liner and cover are both washable. If it is left on the floor
in the lounge she will pop in it for a snooze rather than go on her bed. Once she is in the car
and she has been put in her booster seat which can be adjusted for height so she can see
out of the windows, and secured with the safety tether which can be attached to her
harness, she will either look out of the window or settle down for a sleep. The booster seat
can be used on either front or back seats with headrests and is secured with the car seat
belt. There is even a pocket on this booster seat where her toys can be kept when she is not
using them. There is still the problem that she would much prefer to be with M, so they
have to be very firm with her. With four of us in the car there is no problem, she happily sits
in the middle of the back seat between M and her mother, but if M sits in the front she
attempts to get to her. At the moment M has decided she will sit in the back with her as it is
still early days yet. This seat comes in two sizes, but Bambi needed the smaller size. Luckily
she doesn’t appear to suffer from travel sickness. I think it is very important that dogs are
firmly secured on car journeys in case of accident or emergency braking.

RRP: £24.99

Ninja Star Dog Toy

Bambi was immediately attracted to and claimed the Ninja Star Dog Toy before they could
even fill it with treats, it is vanilla scented, so not sure if this is what attracted her to it.
Treats can be hidden inside which are then dispensed randomly as she plays with it, the
instructions also say the prongs can be trimmed so more treats fall out but do this gradually.
As Bambi only weighs around 3.5 kilo at the moment she isn’t strong enough to make this
toy squeak, but still really enjoys playing with it. This toy can be washed in the dishwasher ,
top rack only.

RRP: £7.99

Kibble Nibble Feeder Ball

Bambi loved chasing the smaller version of this toy around trying to get to the treats which
she could see and smell but couldn’t reach. Again they are again randomly dispensed as the
dog plays. It was fascinating watching her trying to get her tongue into the toy to retrieve
the treats, then suddenly one would be released. Again the rate of release can be adjusted
by trimming the prongs, but they warn to do this gradually as once they are trimmed they
cannot be untrimmed! Even though Bambi was chasing this toy around on a laminate floor
it wasn’t noisy due to the rubber bumpers which also prevent it marking the floor or walls.
The treats are easily inserted into the toy, and can fit a whole meal if wished. It is also
dishwasher safe, top rack only.

RRP: £10.99

Petsafe Ricochet Dog Toy

Bambi has such fun playing with this electronic toy which consists of two interactive paired
toys which each need 3 x AAA batteries which are not included, both toys switch off after 60
minutes of being inactive to conserve the batteries. When Bambi chased after and
investigated the first toy that squeaked with her paw, a different squeak was heard from the
second toy. She raced down the lounge to investigate the second toy, pushed it with her
nose, but then the first toy squeaked again. She ran up and down the lounge for ages after
each toy as it squeaked prodding them with her paws or using her nose and could not
understand why the toy stopped squeaking when she got there. These toys are interactive
and have a range of nine meters. Petsafe suggest making it into a game of Hide & Seek.

RRP: £34.99

Petsafe Drinkwell 1.8 Litre Pet Fountain

This pet fountain has an automatic water bowl where you can adjust the circulation of the
free falling stream of water from almost silent circulation at the lowest to a tranquil stream
at the highest. It has been designed to be easy to clean with no hard to reach parts and can
the bowl can be easily refilled using a jug. There is a filter to catch any bits when recycling
the water.
Bambi was afraid of this water fountain at first and ran away from it. M persevered, sitting
by the water fountain and wetting her fingers to offer her water until she was brave enough
to approach it and then use the water fountain herself. I am surprised M didn’t get down on

her hands and knees to demonstrate how to use it! This is a great idea as it saves constantly
re-filling or her spilling the water from her water bowl.

RRP: £45.99

Petsafe Automatic Ball Launcher

Bambi loves to chase a ball, especially the squeaky variety, but can only get the smaller sized
tennis balls in her mouth. This automatic ball launcher can be used both indoors or
outdoors as it is water resistant and can be either battery operated (not included) or
plugged into the mains. There are 9 different distance settings, and 6 angle settings for this
launcher which shoots standard sized tennis balls between 2.5 and 9 metres. You can select
the angle at which the ball is launched, and it even plays a tone just before the ball is
launched. As Bambi is so small she needs help to launch the balls, but that doesn’t stop her
enjoying chasing them. If they use the smaller sized tennis balls with a squeaker she can get
them in her mouth and give them a good squeak before she returns them to her human to
be launched again. Bambi was very wary of this at first but soon got used to it.

RRP: £141.99

Petsafe Smart Pet Feeder

This is such a fantastic idea. If I was going out for any length of time when I had my dog I
would leave food down for her knowing she would have finished it before I got out of the
door! With this Smart Pet Feeder you can download an app to your mobile phone, and as
long as the feeder is connected to your Wi-Fi you can dispense food whilst you are out from
anywhere. You can even control the rate at which the food is dispensed if your pet tends to
eat too quickly.
The feeder will dispense most sizes of dry or semi-moist food and holds up to twenty four
cups of food. They say the unique design of the Smart Feed’s food conveyor helps prevent
jams. Meals can be scheduled for different quantities up to twelve times a day, or you can
‘Feed Now’ using the App on your mobile phone or by a pet proof button on the feeder.
The feeder comes with a stainless steel bowl with a removable holder to prevent it moving
or tipping. The stainless steel bowl, holder and upper compartment where food is added
are all dishwasher safe, top rack only. Yet again Bambi was quite wary of this feeder at first
and refused to go near it, she is very tiny and has been through quite a bit already in her
short life. She is getting used to it. It will be really useful post lockdown when M returns to
work and granddaughter to college, or if we go out without her for longer periods.

RRP: £169.99

We are really thrilled with these items from Petsafe, some of which M was planning to buy
for Bambi in the future. Petsafe have been more than generous in their help with adopting
a dog at very short notice. All the products are fantastic, and if Bambi was larger or heavier
she would be able to use them all without help. She just loves to play with anything that
makes a sound or she can chase.

Rating: 5/5

You can purchase these items from the PetSafe website here

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