GHD Duet x Inanch Salon Review


Reviewed by D Ryz

On Monday 6th March, the stunning Inanch hair and beauty salon in central London – “Best London Salon of the Year”, The Hair Awards 2022 – opened their doors to celebrate the launch of the new GHD Duet. Owned by celebrity hairdresser, Inanch Emir, Inanch launched in 2005 and is located on Great Portland Street, central London. Close to several tube stations (Great Portland Street and Warren Street) and several bus routes, the salon has great transport links, and is incredibly easy to find.

GHD are synonymous with celebrity, luxury and hair innovation. GHD straighteners took the world by storm back in the early 2000s, fast-becoming the hair tool that everyone from age 12 and up wanted to have. Since then, they’ve developed other hair stylers including curling tongs, hot brushes and hairdryers. None, however, have been quite so ground-breaking as their latest tool – the GHD Duet. This amazing 2-in-1 hot air styler – a world first – dries and styles your hair without the need for a hairdryer or straightener, and without damaging your hair! Just 2-3 passes through, and your hair is dry, sleek and styled. Amazing!

I was lucky enough to try this at the gorgeous Inanch salon, and I was blown away! The team kindly washed my hair, and then the lovely stylist explained how the tool worked. With just a click of a button, the styler was on. It heated up in no time, and with that, I had a go. First impressions? The GHD Duet is lightweight (much lighter than my hair dryer at home!) and incredibly easy to use. The angle at which to hold it took a little getting used to – purely as I’d never used one before – but quickly I realised how easy it was, and the section of my hair was dry and straight in absolutely no time. Between the stylist and myself, my hair was dried and straight super quick, and then I had a go of passing through my hair with the ‘sine shot’, which is the straightening element of the styler. Not as hot as your usual GHDs, but as my hair was super straight anyway, post-drying, the shine shot did as it said on the tin and gave my mane a glossy finish – stunning!

The GHD Duet is now firmly on my birthday list, and would make for a perfect gift for the hair-tool obsessed queen or king in your life! At RRP £359, it’s not cheap but considering GHD straighteners can cost over £200, this styler being a 2-in-1 is great value for money.

As part of the celebrations I was gifted a luxurious goodie bag containing over £150 worth of beautiful products. Wow! I received a GHD style gift set (including heat protector spray and gold hair clips) RRP £25, Gold Class Silky Hair Days silk bonnet RRP £28, Gold Class Hair perfume RRP £25, Gold Class Eyelashes RRP £9.00, GHD gold hair clips RRP £10, Charlotte Tilbury Cryo-Recovery Eye Serum RRP £47 and a GHD mini paddle brush RRP £20. I’m looking forward to trying out all my beautiful gifts!

A fabulous event at a stunning, luxe salon, celebrating an innovative highly-sought after hair styler, with a golden goodie bag to boot! 5 Stars.

Rating: 5/5

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