Getting Personal Personalised Bamboo Wine and Cheese Set Review

Reviewed by Emma Rogers

This is a stunning item that makes a real entrance when it’s unpacked and makes a great memento (especially with Valentine’s Day approaching)!

The Bamboo Wine and Cheese Set was sent to me this week and as soon as I opened it I was instantly impressed and felt the need to handle the items and use them.

The box is notable because of both how well it’s made and how striking the bamboo patterns are. The joinery is exact and very well finished, then you notice the personalisation on top. I’m guessing it’s created with a laser, but the name on top is seemingly carved, very finely, into the lid which slides off easily to reveal what’s inside. The lettering is so precise and so intricate that it couldn’t have been done by hand, but it looks extremely professional and elegant. The website says you can choose up to 14 characters for the name.

Inside there are four items; a wine stopper, wine opener, cheese knife and cheese slicer. The cheese items each have wooden handles which I think are also bamboo and the wine stopper is partly made of rubber, as you’d imagine. The wine opener is a corkscrew with a pull-out knife for opening foil. Both the wine opener and the stopper are presumably made of stainless steel but I can’t find anything written on them to say how they’re made. They feel heavy and look durable though.

The cheese slicer and cheese knife match with the rest of the set with their bamboo handles and stainless steel blades. The handles are fixed with metal pegs making both of them very sturdy and also very tactile. There’s nothing with them to say that they can’t be washed or in the dishwasher but from previous experience with bamboo, it’s best to wash them with hand rather than put them in the dishwasher cycle!

So for the testing… Saturday night and we tried out all the tools, just to be sure! We used the bottle opener on a bottle of fizz and found the knife to be really sharp and so was the corkscrew. They were both a little stiff so needed some muscle to use them first time but I’m presuming they loosen with time and a lot of use. We also discovered there’s a bottle opener on the same tool which would come in handy with parties.

The bottle stopper does what you’d expect it to do and it’s pretty well made.

The cheese items looked lovely on the table and worked very well. The knife is probably larger than most cheese knives at approximately 15 centimetres or 6 inches long. The serrated edge makes it easy to use as well and we had no problems with some English Cheddar as well as the softer cheeses like brie. We tested the cheese slider on cold butter and then some cheddar. Not my preferred way of eating cheese but it does slice pieces off nicely. I did discover that cheese slicers aren’t for cutting either – only the slicer blade is sharp enough to cut through cheese and not the edge of the knife. This is good to know when you’re washing them up after use!

I thought this product was a beautiful gift and not just because it’s useful, but because it’s personalised so well too. It’s something the receiver can use rather than just look at and is a great gift for anyone who loves cheese and wine!

One note though: as these are knives, you have to be over 18 to buy them so there will be warnings on the website and when you order!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £39.99

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