Gear4 Soho iPhone 7 Case Review


Reviewed by Louise Watts

With technology moving forward constantly and “phones” now being more like handheld computers, it is not uncommon to spend £100’s on a “phone”. When spending that much money, the last thing you want is to drop it and break it. The world of mobile phone cases is huge with a large variation on price. The question I often have, like many other people is “Is it worth spending more money on a case?” With that question in mind, I was asked to review the Gear4 Soho iPhone 7 case.

When the case first arrived, I was impressed with the quality of the packaging and I knew instantly that this was not a cheap product. The current RRP stands at £34.99. The packaging was protective and simple but crisp and effective in design. On sliding the packaging open to reveal the case, I was struck by how slimline and minimalistic the case was. My particular case was black, however it comes in gold, silver, rose gold and gloss black too. The trim of the case is black, but the back of the case is transparent which means you can still see the iPhone in its full glory and appreciate the stunning design of the phone whilst providing it with valuable protection.

On removing the case from the packaging, it is obvious that this is a good quality product. The case is light to handle but feels sturdy enough to do the job it is designed for. The black trim around the edge is smooth and crisp in design and the button covers are prominent enough to be clear that they will do the job needed. When putting the phone in the case, the button covers line up perfectly and the buttons are equally responsive once in the case, therefore enabling the phone to maintain its functionality at all times. The phone looks smart once inside the case, with its slimline design and sleek lines it has every characteristic of a top end product, which is exactly what the iPhone 7 deserves!


This particular case is marketed as having “D3O World Beating Protection” and is reported as having been drop tested at a level exceeding 3 metres or 9 feet. This in itself is impressive, although I have to admit that I didn’t test this claim as my husband was not keen on me dropping his phone from 3 metres! If this claim is true (which I can only assume it is), then what we have here is a top looking phone case with a high level of protection but at the same time is delicate and sleek looking.

So, in answer to my earlier question as to whether it is worth spending a little more on a case – I would say absolutely!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £34.99

Available to buy from Gear4 here.


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