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Fuzzikins Bedtime Animals Review


Reviewed by Amy Adeliyi

My 5 year old daughter was so excited to be chosen to review the ‘Fuzzikins Bedtime Animals playset’. She was so taken with the Bunny family that she has requested further animal families to add to her now start up collection. She has her eyes set on the dogs and cat collections.
She is not short of toys but in these very strange times of being at home constantly, has grown bored of her usual dolls and ponies. So this was a welcome distraction to take her away from annoying her brothers and enjoying some immersive small world play.
The box is nicely presented and has individual packets with the bedtime accessories (sleeping bags, eye masks and shapes/carrots), pens and then the 3 different sized bunnies. The set also comes with an instruction booklet explaining how to care for the bunnies. My daughter described the bunnies as a mummy, daddy and baby bunny and has had great fun role playing with the figures. She has practised drawing different designs on each bunny and giving them a ‘gentle’ bath to wash them ready for their next design. Once the bunnies are ready for bed you can attach their eye masks and capes and put them in their individual sleeping bags ready for their naps. You can decorate their sleeping bags and capes with the felt accessories – my daughter loved attaching the mini carrots to their sleeping bags. These can be changed around so the designs can be different for each game played, which is great as this can prevent boredom setting in. Hopefully these will be played with for a long time to come.
The box also includes practice colouring bunnies, so that you can practice your designs before colouring in your bunnies. My daughter loved this, although was so desperate to colour her designs she went straight for the bunny figures and back to the cardboard bunnies later.
The pens are a nice dinky size, so they are easy to carry around and not too cumbersome when colouring the smaller bunny.
When you have completed your designs on the bunnies you can wash them with lukewarm soapy water, leave to dry and they are ready to be re-decorated. You have to be careful not to rub to vigorously when washing the pens off of the figures as the felt coating can come off and then the pens/ink will not be able to take hold for the next designs.
My daughter has had great fun changing up the designs, she started with rainbows for supporting the keyworkers and then we had her attempt at the Union Jack for VE day. She has loved showing them off and recreating scenarios from lockdown which has been great discussion starters for how she is dealing with the unusual time in our lives.
The figures are marketed for children aged 4+ and my 5 year old has really enjoyed playing with them, I can see her friends at school enjoying the toys and they seem a reasonable price for birthday gifts when we are back out of Lockdown and parties are allowed.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £9.99

This item can be purchased from Amazon here.

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