Funkybox Wipes Dispenser Review


Funkybox Wipes Dispenser

Reviewed by Natalie Kitchen

The first thing I liked about the wipes dispenser when I opened the parcel was the funky bright green colour that it was. If you're like me and you randomly put the packet of wipes down and then spend ages looking for it again when you need them then the fact that it's a bright colour is an added bonus. I can easily see the box and haven't lost the wipes since I've been using it.

The box itself does the job well. It keeps the wipes nice and moist, and it's easy to use. You just pull the base off to refill the wipes, and to get a wipe there is a button to press that opens the lid. The box is very sturdy. My 3 year old twins liked using it and loved to keep pressing the button to open the lid, and it's still working as well as it did the day we got it. The base is a rubber material so it not only gives the box a grip but would stop any surface it's on from being scratched. The only problem I had using the wipe dispenser is sometimes when I went to get a wipe it didn't separate from the one underneath so I ended up with loads of them, and sometimes the wipes separated all together and there would be none dispensing so I'd have to put my fingers through the box to grab the next wipe. However this is more likely to be the wipes I was using rather than the dispenser box.

Overall the Funkybox wipes dispenser is a good product. It comes in lots of different colours and designs to match your nursery or room. I would recommend this product to my friends. It's handy for babies through to toddlers.

RRP: £14.99

Rating: 4/5

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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