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Frozen 2 Range at Smiggle Review

Reviewed by David Savage

My eight-year-old niece is absolutely mad on Smiggle, and we can’t seem to walk past one of their shops without trying to pull one of us in to have a look at the wonderful array on pens, pencil cases and trinkets in the range. It’s definitely not something that she’d get every day, but the quality of it has always been great, so as a treat it’s something that I’m happy to get for her. Nearly all little girls love a smelly marker or tube of glitter-glue, but can you imagine the excitement if you combined this with what will be the biggest kids’ film of the year: Frozen 2?

Well, that is exactly what has happened! Smiggle have launched a quite stunning new range of Frozen 2 goodies, and we were lucky enough to be asked to try some of it out! As you can probably imagine, Elsa and Anna of Arundel have brought their own brands and personalities into the range, and the results are every Frozen fan’s dream. The range comprises of separate Elsa and Anna products, each range with their own identity. The Elsa products are the beautiful, cool icy blue that you would expect and they feature some beautiful iridescent details and acres of sparkle and glitter. The Anna range, by contrast, is a rich, vibrant pinky-purple with lots of shiny gold metallic details and a touch of golden glitter.

The range includes both full-sized and junior backpacks, lunchboxes, drinks bottles, pencil cases and headphones, as well as smaller stocking filler type items such as pens, initial key rings, slapbands and a wallet. There is loads to choose from, but we had a great time narrowing down our choices and filling our shopping basket with all things Frozen. We chose:

  • Elsa Backpack £42
  • Anna Double Decker lunch Bag £20
  • Anna Drinks Bottle £10
  • Frozen 2 Double Sided Hard-top Pencil Case £15.50
  • Elsa & Anna Glitter pens £4 each

We couldn’t not choose the beautiful Elsa backpack! The two backpacks are a slightly different size, with the Elsa option being a full-sized backpack and the Anna one being junior sized, but they are both absolutely stunning. For us though, the cool icy blue, and sparkly glitter won the day and we went for the larger backpack. It really is a sight to behold, and definitely stands apart from the crowd! Just like the other Smiggle back packs that my niece has owned before, as well as being great to look at, it is also top-notch quality and has a number of super practical features.

Because of the larger size of the backpack, there is a specific compartment for a laptop of up to 15”, as well as two water bottle side pockets, and three smaller zippable compartments to allow you to keep all of your possessions organised. We absolutely loved the combination of the iridescent, patterned panels and the large areas of sparkles and glitter. It couldn’t get more ‘ice princess”, and my niece thought it was absolutely fabulous. The little details are what makes it so special – the front has an applique Elsa stitched into a snowflake, and her braid is a real one, which my niece thought was great. The theming continues to the zips too, and all of the zipper pulls are all icy blue silicone and either feature the Disney logo or Elsa’s snowflake.

Added to how beautiful it looks and the practical pockets and compartments, the shoulder straps are also really well padded, making the backpack very comfortable for her to wear and she can’t wait to trot off to school with it next week. A real winner with this one, and she’ll surely be the envy of her friends!

She didn’t want to go for all Elsa, so we chose the Anna themed items for her lunchbox and drinks bottles. These are very different in style, but no less stunning. The Anna themed lunchbox is a double-decker style lunch pack with an awful lot of gold and sparkle! All of the Anna items are a rich and vibrant combination of a rich, raspberry pink, metallic gold and sparkly gold, with the resulting products looking very opulent and regal! I loved the ‘sisters’ theming on the Anna products too, and there is a definite ‘autumnal’ theme with the Anna ones, from the colours to the leaves and forest images.

I really like the double-decker type of lunch boxes as they allow you to keep your lunches separate and organised, without your sandwiches getting squashed! This one has a BPA-free lining, meaning it is totally food-safe, even if your lunch is sat directly on the lining. The lunch box is also insulated so your lunch will stay at the right temperature all the way through from being made in the morning until it’s time to eat.

Both of the compartments are a good size, and there is plenty of room for a decent sized packed lunch as well as the matching Anna drinks bottle in there too. The zips all feel substantial and zip smoothly, and the stitching and general construction just feel great quality.

Along with the lunch bag, my niece will be taking her matching drinks bottle into school. At 440ml, the Anna one is slightly smaller than the Elsa one, which is 650ml, and it’s perfect for popping into the lunchbox. The bottle is made from BPA-free Tritan plastic and is a translucent purple colour. A large image of Anna is featured on the front along with metallic gold details.

The bottle is nice and easy for even the smallest hands to hold comfortably, thanks to the handle which is nicely integrated into the lid, which also features a flip-up silicone drinking spout. I find the fliptop style spouts and integrated drinking straw bottles are much better for younger children as they don’t need to tip their heads to use them!

As well as her schoolbag and lunch items, we also treated her to a couple of stationery items – after all, that’s what Smiggle is all about! We went for the double-sided, hard-topped pencil case as well as a couple of very cool Anna and Elsa sparkly pens.

The hard-topped pencil case is great fun, as from one side it is all about ice, snowflakes and Elsa yet once flipped over, the warm golden opulence of Anna takes over. Inside the pencil case is lots of room for you to pop your own pens and pencils inside. Once opened, there is a mesh pocket for storing paper, little notebooks or stickers on one side, and slots for pens and pencils on the other.

We popped an Elsa and an Anna glitter pen inside – these are absolutely fabulous and are the perfect price for a stocking filler item or a little treat if you’re going to see the film. The Elsa ball point pen is Elsa’s signature light blue colour, and Anna’s pen is purple – the liquid-filled barrels contain lots of glitter for a lovely shimmering effect and the tops of the pens have a large sphere which is also filled with liquid and an image of Anna or Elsa. They’re great fun and have even been encouraging my niece with her writing, which can only ever be a good thing!

We have loved trying out Smiggle’s Frozen 2 range – I’m sure it’ll be super popular with all little Frozen fans, and just like all of the other Smiggle items that we have, is great quality as well as great fun!

For more information or to buy pop into your nearest Smiggle store or visit

To celebrate the highly anticipated release of Disney’s Frozen 2, Smiggle are running a competition to give one lucky Smiggle fan and their family the chance to jet off on an epic 5 day Icelandic adventure inspired by the film.

To be in with a chance of winning you need to:

  • Purchase £60 of Frozen 2 goodies instore or online
  • Submit the receipt number online
  • and tell them in 25 words or less why you want to win

For more details and to enter visit

Competition ends 31 December 2019

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