Dollz Confetti Personalised Flower Bauble Review

Reviewed by Katie Allen

Everyone has someone in their life who they struggle to buy presents for. My grandma-in-law is one of those people. She’s an avid viewer of QVC and buys whatever she fancies. She usually suggests “smellies” for Christmas presents but this year I fancied getting her something different.

You’d be forgiven in thinking that the Dollz Confetti website was just for people about to get married as at first glance it would appear to be a place to buy confetti for weddings. You’d be wrong. Under the Christmas menu heading I clicked on the floral bauble option and was presented with a pretty, personalised, named bauble. You can start customising your bauble from here with, seemingly, infinite personalisation options.

DoDo is a glamorous great grandma, so I got stuck in choosing a mostly gold theme (decal, ribbon and bow). I picked the Dollz petal mix for the filling and added biodegradable gold glitter and champagne metallic petals. I could have done with some more information about the different petal mixes as the names didn’t really mean anything to me. The choices are endless and was a little overwhelming if I’m honest. It was lovely to be able to properly personalise with “DoDo” rather than the usual “Grandma” and “Nanna” options that are normally available.

Just over a week later my parcel arrived in an unassuming brown cardboard box. Inside, underneath the copious amounts of bubble wrap and gold tissue paper, was my bauble tasteful presented in a silver net gift bag. If you’re worried about single use plastics don’t be. Other than the bubble wrap there is no plastic to be found.

The decal is in an elegant script font and the dried petal mix with metallic flashes look gorgeous. The gold glitter is subtle and gives the bauble a festive feel. It’s a shame the cap on the bauble wasn’t better secured as I did find that some of the fine glitter escaped and we all know how annoying random glitter is around the house and on your clothes – I’ll be finding it for months! Attached to the cap is a small pendant which says “made with love” which is a nice touch.

I think DoDo will love her gift. It’s lovely to be able to give something that is so personalised it makes it unique. I’m sure it’ll have pride of place on her Christmas tree and I also like that it’s not too in your face Christmassy for her to display it all year round maybe on her dressing table.

The website has so many beautiful gift ideas for everyone. These baubles would be good as a gift to a teacher, an anniversary present, a new baby and to or from a pet (they have a paw print decal available). You can even write your own message which will be turned into a decal – a great idea as a present from a small child.

We’re attending a December wedding and I’ve already got my eye on creating one in their wedding colours as a Christmas gift for the bride.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £13.99

For more information or to buy visit

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