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Foul Play Card Game Review


Reviewed by Sue Walker

Foul play card game is a murder mystery game that can be played for 2-5 players aged 8 years+ The pack contains 52 game cards and four instruction cards on how to play. The cards are all coloured, red, purple, blue & green. We were sent ‘The manor house murder’ card packs to review. The cards were shrink wrapped and made of good quality card. The graphics and fonts used were in keeping with the theme.

There are three versions of the game to play ‘A good cop set up’, ‘A bad cop set up’ & ‘Face crime’. The instructions come in the pack and are easy to follow, however you can also access them on the Foul play game website where there are videos on how to play and lots about the game. There are seven types of action cards: Red herring – the card is useless to you and the other players, so try and get rid of it. Fair play-swap a card with another player detective. Foul play-steal a card from another detective’s hand & Crime scene cards-swap one of your cards for one laid out in the crime scene. Interrogate cards- take another detectives cards and hand them back. Full Co-operation cards – all players lay their cards on the table for all to see & block cards-stop players from seeing your cards!

Once you have mastered the instructions it’s such a simple set up and easy to play. Shuffle the pack and lay the cards out for a crime scene, deal cards to players (aka detectives) choose the evidence cards and discard the rest. You are now ready to play.

My family consists of myself, husband and three grown up sons. Every Sunday during lockdown we took the opportunity to play a game of some description and spend some quality time together. The men in my house are very competitive with each other and always want to outwit each other and win. Snacks and drinks at hand we began our mission to find out the killer, it is a little bit like the Cluedo concept with a maid, a butler and a gardener to name a few of the characters involved. Lots of different clues on the killer cards for you to try and decide who it is from cigarettes, cigars, men, women, hats, no hats arrrrrrggggghhhhh how will you decide who it is. As you go around each detective you swap your cards hoping you find the evidence cards to help you solve the murder and try and keep hold of those cards in order to win.

We had lots of belly laughs, cheating, plotting and outright skulduggery from some detectives in order to win. Depending which version, you play depends on how long the game takes. The good cop game is quicker as you don’t have to have all the evidence cards in your hand to win unlike the bad cop game. There are lots of different variations of the killer and we played for several hours and never had the same outcome once.

All in all this card game is a great fun game to play with friends or family and would make a great present. Cards come in a small card sized box so no need to worry about storage. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves playing games or escape rooms. We cannot wait for the next game to come out!!!!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £8.95

This product can be purchased from the Foul Play website here.

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