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John Adams Ultimate Gross Science Review


Reviewed by Jenny Seymour

We love these science kits in our house. I have 2 boys (now ages 13 and 12) and a 7 year old girl. My 12 year old and 7 year old both loved this kit.

It can get quite messy – so please do make sure that these experiments are done after prepping the area – this could perhaps be explained more in the instructions – BUT what would you expect when you see the box and you know you are about to open GROSS SCIENCE!

It comes with plastic goggles (which aren’t really necessary, but make your child feel like a real scientist!) and a syringe, so it also helps (in the same way as baking) with maths by calculating how many drops or ml of each solution they need to make each experiment. It also shows them how to be exact and how to follow instructions because if they get it wrong, it just won’t work.

The kit comes with each thing you need for the experiment clearly labelled, so once you have cleared your area and donned the goggles you are set to start!

My kids like to do things in order, so they worked their way through each experiment. This does mean that you may not have sufficient products left to do the final experiments, so I suggest you choose wisely! We started with “Fart” slime. I actually didn’t like the name of this one – at age 8+ many families don’t use that word with their children. We still use the word “trump” – but again, it gets the message across and you know what it is going to do! It worked amazingly well and my kids made this without any supervision. The noises that now come out of that pot!!! GROSS!

They then made the bouncing eyeball, but one bit of advice is to leave this longer than it says, as when we opened it the first time, it hadn’t set properly and we had to start again. Also, the colour of the kit was different in the instructions than in real life, so this caused a bit of confusion – but the bouncing eyeball was again a big hit!

Finally, we made the puss stressball! This is great! I actually think my little one didn’t put enough slime powder in, but once this ball is sealed it is not worth opening it again!!! It took us quite a long time to tie a knot in this balloon, as it was quite slippery with the mixture in (and we had quite a bit of spillage before we managed to tie the knot!), but we got there in the end! It is made of really strong plastic and so will last (unlike some other plastic sets you might get).

You can also make snot, poo (!?!) and you have a plastic skull that you can make be sick – all gross of course! But what do you expect – it says what it does on the tin!!!

This is such good fun for kids who love to be gross. It really helps whet their appetite for science experiments and was great to do at home when homeschooling during the pandemic! It ticked lots of boxes for home learning and most importantly was a FUN family activity!  There are lots of different science sets available from John Adams if Gross Science doesn’t appeal.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £22.99

Gross Science is currently available from Argos, Toymaster, and Amazon and is also available from EBay and for £22.99 and Grattan for £28.

For more information please visit the John Adams website here.

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