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Forever Products Review


Reviewed by Jo Hardy

Forever Living grow their own aloe vera and are the largest manufacturer of aloe based products in the world, they offer a wide range of products, you can see the full range and read more about the company using this link.

Forever Aloe Avocado Face and Body Soap
At 142g this is a really good sized bar of soap that can be used on the face and the body so perfect for use in the shower, it is a blend of avocado and other cleansing botanicals along with aloe and glycerine to moisturise your skin.

I wouldn’t normally use a bar of soap on my face because it can be drying but this soap is so light a creamy it didn’t have that effect.  I found that it lathered up really well, the bubbles it created were small and tight together and felt more like a creamy lotion moisturising my skin, after using it I was left with soft, clean skin, the perfume was light and fresh, I think this is a product all the family could use.

Priced at £6.56 this product is available to buy from the link below. 

Rating: 5/5

Forever Bright Tooth Gel
A green gel in a 130g tube this tooth gel is fluoride free, it contains aloe vera with all it’s health benefits and bee propolis which is made by bees when they need to build hives, thought to have anti inflammatory properties and help fight bacteria, it has a very zingy natural peppermint and spearmint taste and leaves your teeth and mouth feeling totally clean and fresh.

Due to the small opening on the tube it is very easy to control the amount you load onto your toothbrush, only a small amount is needed and it lathers up quickly in your mouth, this makes it a super economical product.  After using my teeth felt ultra clean for hours, I didn’t even feel the need to use a mouthwash.  Suitable for children this is a good product for all the family to use.
Priced at £7.00 it is available to purchase through this link.

Rating: 5/5

Forever Aloe Lips
This lip balm comes in a lipstick style twist up case and contains 4.25g of product, it is colourless and has a hint of a smell which I couldn’t identify but was very pleasant.  It contains jojoba which is know for it’s healing properties, and glides beautifully over the lips, it melts right in leaving the lips feeling smooth and soft without the greasiness that I have found with some lip balms.  As winter is approaching this product is perfect for providing a layer of protection to the lips before going out into the elements.  I don’t always wear lipstick but I do like to have a lip balm in my handbag or pocket at all times, and for this winter it will be this one I carry with me everywhere.  For anyone planning to make their own crackers this Christmas these would fit in perfectly and are gender neutral.
Available through this link priced at £3.49

Rating: 5/5

Overall Rating: 5/5

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