Forever or a Day by Sarah Jacoby Review

Reviewed by Julie Powell

Forever or a Day by Sarah Jacoby is a lovely book to share between a parent/grandparent and child.

It’s a lovely journey of a little child visiting relatives and is told with beautiful illustrations and soft gentle philosophical sentences which contain several beautiful hidden messages.

The book highlights to us that we need to remember the importance of time, to cherish what we have and make memories to last forever – visits to family, trips to the beach, fishing, camp fires with family, saying goodbye, spending quality time with each other.

It also reminds us to live for today as we do not know when our time will run out and to cherish what we have as time is something that we sadly are not promised.

I recently sadly experienced the loss of my mother through a terminal illness which came a lot more quickly than anticipated and this book has been so crucial in helping not only myself but also my two little boys aged 3 and 5 to understand the concept and uncertainty of time, when at their age is usually something quite hard to do this book truly did help even if several tears were shed whilst reading it.

This book helps explain that there is no answer to time and that time is to be treasured to live for today as we cannot stay forever and to love the time we have with each other and is one that we will read many a time together especially at moments when we are remembering my mum.

I think that this would make a lovely gift this Christmas present for any family with young children especially for those facing a first Christmas without a loved one or those sadly about to face a loss in the family.

It is published by Chronicle Books and retails at £12.99 in hardback.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £12.99 (Hardback)

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