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Reviewed by Sian Manning

After a long day out with my three children to say I was delighted to get a review for a takeaway would be an understatement! £25 to spend on dinner, no cooking, washing up or going to the shops as we had nothing in, a winner in my eyes.

The website is easy to navigate, you just pop in your postcode on the front screen and all available restaurants are then displayed, some restaurants were closed – those are displayed at the bottom with an opening time if you are too early, you can pre-order with some restaurants, handy to know you are first in the queue for when they open, with some you cannot preorder but the time they open is displayed so you know when to come back and the final few are closed with a date they will be open.

Once you have chosen your restaurant, either from scrolling the list or selecting the type of cuisine you would like from the side bar you can view the menu and add the items you would like.

We live in Bournemouth and the choices are great around here, there are lots of restaurants signed up to the scheme and we had a good selection that we could order from, we decided on chicken and burgers from Chickie One, a firm favourite with great flavours, delicious food, good portion sizes and also value for money.

We selected what we wanted, a burger meal, a chicken wrap meal and 3 children’s chicken nugget meals, I then proceeded to pay and this is where things got a little tricky. I first tried on the website and as I have used it before it took me straight to a quick pay option, I could see no where to enter a code (mine was for £25), I tried going through to the next screen to see if it was to be entered there and the order was submitted… oops!
Onto the chat function to see if I could rectify this before our food was made and delivered, the chat function starts with a bot, it didn’t understand what I was saying and it was actually extremely frustrating, in the end I called the takeaway and explained to the very kind, patient and understanding lady what had happened, she very helpfully cancelled that order and I assured her I would place another order once I had figured out how to use our code. At this point I gave up on the website and instead used the app (available on android and the app store), which is a lot easier to enter the code, the code went into the enter coupon code section of the basket and we only had to pay the £1 delivery charge.

Finally dinner was ordered and on its way. You get an email with your order information and if there are any changes or amendments you can call the restaurant to help but they suggest in the first 5 minutes so your order isn’t already made. There is also a link to track your order so you know roughly when it will arrive, super quickly for us, which was good with 3 hungry children. The delivery was smooth sailing, straight to the right address and still hot when it got here.

The food was delicious, brilliant sized portions with plenty of food for everyone.

Other than the code not being so straight forward, which wouldn’t be an issue if paying by cash or card I would not hesitate to order through this website again, the service from the restaurant was brilliant, the food was great, the order processing was easy and fast and the problem I did have was rectified quickly.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: Varied depending on your order

You can order from food hub here

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