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VTec Toot Toot Friends Moonlight Campervan Review


Reviewed by Laura Steedman

When the VTec Toot Toot Friends Moonlight Campervan arrived, it instantly caught the attention of my 3 year old. She asked, ‘is this an early present from Santa?’. I couldn’t get it out of the packaging quick enough for her.

First impressions from the box were that this was going to be a lovely addition to the VTec Toot Toot range.

The campervan is made out of plastic with moving wheels. The colours are very appealing. The campervan includes:
-Mum, Dad & Baby characters
-A campfire
-A pan
-Two chairs
-Sheet of stickers to add to the campervan
-Two preinstalled AA batteries- this was a great bonus as meant it could be played with straight away.

A lot of attention to detail has gone into the production of this toy. For example: the sofa turns into a bed, there is a toilet and the fridge door opens. All of the things you expect in a real campervan.

There is a large door that is on one side of the campervan, this door opens very wide so that a camping scene can be set up. With all of the accessories included we had endless hours of role play fun. The set is great allowing the imaging of children to develop and their language skills. She finds it very engaging and holds her attention for a long time.
We had parties, bbq’s, brown bears visiting and a safety lesson when my daughter was telling the baby character not to go near the campfire because it is hot and she’ll burn her hands or clothes. With all of the different buttons and modes there are hours and hours of fun to be had.

The large door clips into the main campervan and all of accessories pack up neatly inside for when the campervan is ready to move on to its next adventure. Within the large door there is a smaller pink door for the characters to enter and exit. We found that the pink door kept opening when the campervan was moving on to its next adventure, so I stuck it shut with a piece of sticky tape.

Our favourite feature on the campervan is the light projector. The lights can be projected inside and outside of the campervan in bright eye catching colours. Along with the music playing it added a very magical element to the set. I have never seen this before on a toy and thought it was lovely.

The campervan has a button for each of the different seasons. When a button is pressed a piece of information is given regarding that season. There are also different modes which allow for songs and music to be played. There are over 180 songs, tunes, sounds & phrases in total. Plus, two volume settings.

The driver seat is a magic point location. When a character sits in the seat more lights, sounds & phrases are played.

I found the size of the campervan perfect for a preschooler. She could easily open the doors, set out the camping scene, press the buttons and move the characters.
Dimensions: L34.6cm x W12cm x H22.12cm

Overall we give the campervan 5/5.
I feel that it is excellent value considering all of the different features and will definitely last my 3 year old a long time. We play with it several times per day.
The only thing I would change, would be to have a second magic point within the campervan.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £36.99

You can purchase this item from here

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