Food And Drink Round-Up July 2020


By Emily Crombie

Tesco have a great range of artisan beer and cider on their shelves this summer- something to suit everyone and every barbeque!
Henry Weston’s Medium Dry Cloudy Vintage Cider, produced in Herefordshire, is fruity and full bodied but a fresh and slightly sparkling cider with a dry finish. It has 7.3% alcohol content with 2 servings in 500ml bottle.

Scottish produced Crabbie’s Rhubard Alcoholic Ginger Beer has good balance of rhubarb and ginger with neither overpowering that leaves an after heat of the ginger alongside the sweet rhubarb. It has a 4.0% alcohol content and is sold in a 500ml bottle.

Other British Breweries on the shelf include Leeds based North Brewing Co’s Sputnik Pale Ale, Wild Card Brewery’s 440ml cans of Ella IPA (The tin has contemporary artwork by James Hayes which alone is worthy of any BBQ!)and Buxton Brewery’s Storm Shadow, a rich and malty Imperial Stout and King Slayer Double IPA- watch out for the higher alcohol content, with 8.5% & 8% respectively.

Other options include American More or Less Evil, a pale ale from EvilTwin Brewing.
Whatever your preference, check out for the perfect beverage to enjoy this summer!

Rating: 4/5


These products can be purchased from the TESCO website here.

Meridian Foods produce a wide range of Nut Butters. They have strong environment credentials, helping the environment by moving their raw materials and products by sea rather than air and protecting the rainforests by never using palm oil in their products- this is reflected in their earthy and eye-catching packaging.

We tried the family sized 1kg tub of Smooth Peanut Butter (£6.99) – it needs no introduction and we enjoyed it on toast. Next we sampled the 280g glass jar of Crunchy Peanut Butter (£2.79) with a chunkier texture but the same great taste. Finally we tried the 170g glass jar of Crunchy Almond Butter (£3.69)- we love almonds but had never tried almond butter – it was a hit!
Meridian Foods also make a wide range of other products such as fruit spreads and cooking sauces such as pesto and various curry sauces. Check out their website to see their full range and shipping is free on purchases over £35.

Rating: 5/5


These products can be purchased from the Meridian Foods website here.

As a healthy snack alternative we tried ZENB range of Veggie Sticks. They have corporate mission to put the planet first and they use the whole vegetable- skin, stalk, seeds, as far as possible. By eating, especially the skin of the veg, you get far more nutritional value out of each item and there is less waste.

The bars we tried were Beetroot Stick, Pumpkin Stick, Carrot Stick and Red Pepper Stick. Our favourite was the Beetroot Stick with sweetness from the date and agave syrup and the cocao nibs and a bit of crunch from the puffed rice and almonds.

I’m not sure the kids are converted yet but I will persevere!  The bars can be purchased on their website . They offer a variety box which is a great way to try the full range and decide which you prefer before buying them in boxes of 10. Prices start at £10.99 for a box of 4.

Rating: 3/5


These products can be purchased from the ZENB website here.

Skinny Food Co produces an amazing wide range of zero calories or virtually calories sauces, syrups, snacks and spreads. The three products I’ve been sent to test are the Chocaholic Duo Spread, Luxury Chocolate Syrup and Mermaid flavoured Syrup.

The Chocaholic Duo Spread is palm oil free and contains 92% less sugar than other chocolate nut spreads. It contains the artificial sweetner maltitol so you aren’t left with that unpleasant after taste you get with many other sweetners. With only 25 calories per 5 gram serving it is super tasty while kind on your waistline. I really think you would never guess it is a low calorie version- a hit in our household.

The Chocolate Syrup is from their new Barista Range which has a wide range of flavoured syrups suitable for coffee, drinks, baking etc. It comes in a one litre bottle but lasts for 3 to 4 weeks in the fridge. So far we have used it to make yummy milkshakes- a healthy treat when the syrup has zero calories!

The Mermaid Syrup is one of the many flavour options in the range which includes everything from vanilla to rhubarb and custard, toffee apple and candy floss. The mermaid syrup is raspberry sherbet swirl- a glittering blue syrup with only one calories per serving.  See all the options at

Rating: 5/5


These products can be purchased from the Skinny Food Co website here.

James White Prune Juice is one of the vast range of pressed fruit and vegetable drinks James White produces from their Suffolk farm. The company was established in 1989 producing apple juice. They now make all different types of apple juices (bramley, cox, russet etc) as well as other fruit juices and vegetable juices such as carrot juice and a beetroot based range. They also have an organic range, Zinger Shot and the Big Tom tomato range which are all available on their website . Delivery is free on orders over £25 and there is a £10 discount on orders over £80 which won’t be hard to reach when you see what is on offer!

I tried the Prune Juice which is made by rehydrating prunes made from Ente plums from Chile. The juice is almost fat free and dark in colour with a sweet flavour. It is available in 750ml which keep in the fridge for up to 5 days after opening. Packs of 6 750ml glass bottles are available on the James White website for £16.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £16 for 6 bottles

These products can be purchased from the James White website here.

Produced in Glasgow in small batches, Tongue in Peat Tomato Juice has its unique peat smoked flavour thanks to the peat from the Isle of Islay. The peat from the soil is dried and burned producing a smoke more often used in whisky making.

Fresh tomatoes are chopped before being infused for 12 hours in the smoke house. They are then blended with spices and bottled in Scotland by less than twelve people in small batches of up to 5000 bottles.
The peat smoke gives the tomato juice a depth of flavour. To begin with you get the richness and slightly saltiness of the tomatoes followed by the peat aroma with a small kick making it the perfect partner for a Bloody Mary – check out the recipe for A Smoky Mary on their website!

Tongue in Peat’s peat smoked tomato juice is available to purchase on their website at £2.45 for a 250ml glass bottle and £4.79 for a 500ml glass bottle with complimentary delivery on orders over £20.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £2.45 for 250ml, £4.79 for 500ml

These products can be purchased from the Tongue in Peat website here.

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