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Folly FarmFolly Farm

Reviewed by Lee-Anne McCarthy

So it was half term and it’d been raining all week, for a change, here in Wales and cabin fever had well and truly set in. So come rain or shine we were going to brave the elements and take our 2 year old twin sons to Folly Farm for a fun day out. The journey to Folly Farm went by without incident and the park was so easy to find with the aid of the well placed brown signs along the entire journey from Carmarthen.

It seemed like a lot of other people had the same idea as we arrived at the 10am opening time to find a steady stream of cars making their way into the car park. However there was more than ample parking for everyone and we were guided into the car park by very polite and well-mannered staff. At the entrance to the park there were a number of desks open ready to greet visitors. Staff were welcoming and helpful. They quickly dealt each customer making very little queuing time and with two overly excited little people that was hugely appreciated. At the entrance we were given child safety wristbands that you could put your name and mobile number on therefore adding that extra reassurance of your child’s safety in the park.

Folly Farm is a really varied attraction. My boys loved Farmer Glyn’s barn where they got to meet their favourite farm animals up close. The gorgeous horses, the clucky chickens even the pigs who weren’t smelly like my children expected. Throughout the barn there are educational areas where children can learn about both the animals and how they are taken care of. Throughout the day animal keepers would bring out some of the smaller animals for the child to pet. It happened to be a rat when we passed as I’m not a real lover of the rodent family we passed on that opportunity. There were opportunities to during the day to feed some animals and even milk a goat. As my twin sons are just 2 this kind of attraction went a little over their heads however it was something that clearly a lot of older children really enjoyed having a go at. The word farm immediately makes me think solely of sheep and cows but Folly Farm is so much more than that. It has a real array of animals from the usual farm breeds to the massively exotic giraffes and monkeys. Folly Farm is much more than your average farm. We had a lovely morning wandering around the more wild animals. We got to meet the giraffes up on a ramp which at the right time allows you almost to be nose to nose with these beautiful creatures. Throughout the park it is clear the welfare of these animals is absolutely paramount with massive enclosures that are clearly very well kept. The latest additions to the park are a community of penguins who were absolutely gorgeous. Again the enclosure of these animals has been very carefully thought about with viewing areas alongside the water and even under the water. My husband and I spent a long time with my boys watching these majestic birds swimming around. Every movement was so graceful even if they did make my boys jump at every turn. There was many other animals we got to see too from meerkats to monkeys. There really is something for everyone.

As well as the animals there were lots of other things to do for big and small alike. The ride-on tractors were a huge hit with my pair. Daddy spent a long time pushing and pulling two little people in every direction. Along with ride on there are both indoor and outdoor areas for the children to play in. This provides the perfect 5 minutes peace and quiet for somewhat frazzled mums and dads. Both play areas are within easy reach of snack bars and coffee stations. The snacks and drinks weren’t over priced as you often find visitor attractions. I didn’t however eat in the parks food providers as we took our own picnic, however from a look at the menu it wouldn’t seem any more expensive than anywhere else in the local area. With your own picnics there are plenty of places to sit and eat both inside and outside depending on our wonderful Welsh weather.

Should the rain begin to spoil your fun along with the indoor play area there is an old fashioned indoor fair ground with rides like cars and ghost train. These rides are at an additional cost of 50p a token. The smaller rides require a single token whereas the large require 2. As you can see this isn’t a cost that with break the bank that being said should you be visiting on a tight budget this place is easily avoided and there are so many other things to keep little people occupied.

Throughout the park staff were on hand to help out. All welcome polite and well-mannered and more than willing to answer any questions that were asked. Throughout the park there are toilet and baby change facilities that were always clean and tidy. On the way out there is a lovely gift shop that has a wide variety of products from pocket money gift through to the more expensive gifts.

The sun shone throughout our day at Folly Farm and we got to really enjoy every part of the park. Myself, my husband and my twin boys had a fantastic time and we can’t wait to visit again very soon.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Tickets cost from £9.25 to £10.25 (under 2’s are FREE) – cheaper if booked online (some rides cost extra).

For more information or to book tickets visit

Folly Farm. Begelly, Kilgetty, Pembrokeshire, SA68 0XA | 01834 812731


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