Floozie Stuffed Cookies Review


Reviewed by Helen Wyatt

We were very lucky to be chosen to try something a bit different recently and received a box of six 100% vegan stuffed cookies to review, from Floozie Stuffed Cookies. I wouldn’t normally tend to choose specifically vegan food, and probably end up eating it only accidentally. I don’t think I would normally choose vegan desserts in particular. Not because I have any problem with vegan food but it’s not something that really enters my thought processes when choosing what to buy. With the choice taken away, we ended up trying something different, which was a great thing!

The box arrived, with the company logo printed on the top. Upon opening, some cute tissue paper wrapping was revealed, sealed with a company logo sticker. The box had quite a weight to it, which was surprising as it was “just” six cookies. Having to open up the tissue paper made it feel a bit like Christmas too, opening up a surprise gift! Inside the paper were six individually wrapped cookies, all around 3 inches across, so pretty large and substantial. Even just holding one in the wrapping, you could tell they were soft and squishy, and just the perfect consistency for cookies. I don’t like an overly crunchy cookie so I was really looking forward to trying them, and rather intrigued.

Floozie cookies offer a UK wide delivery service, and provide 5 signature stuffed flavours plus one seasonably changing sixth option. You can purchase the cookies individually or in boxes of 6, 12, 18, or 24. Unfortunately the website doesn’t reveal how they make the cookies, or what the ingredients are to make the cookies completely vegan, so we just had to rely on a taste test, which wasn’t the worst job in the world to be fair! So read on to find out more about all the flavours we received:

Cinnamon crunch – this cookie is vanilla, coated with crispy cinnamon cereal, stuffed with rich speculoos cream, and topped with a drizzle of icing. I adore cinnamon and this cookie didn’t disappoint! Soft and chewy with a little bit of crunch, with perfect flavour balance between vanilla and cinnamon. Best of all no one else in the house likes cinnamon all that much so it was all for me! Beautiful with some vanilla icecream.

Chocolate chunk – this is a blondie cookie full of milk and dark chocolate pieces, stuffed with dark chocolate ganache and topped with a dark and milk chocolate melt. I didn’t even get a look in on this one, as it was pinched by the kids and shared! They absolutely loved it. A winner with chocolate fans!

Celebration cake – this is a pink vanilla cookie coated in rainbow sprinkles and stuffed with raspberry jam. This was my youngest kid’s favourite. They said it was soft and squidgy but not too squidgy, and the jam was really tasty.

Pecan pie – this is a butterscotch cookie studded with toasted pecans and stuffed with a soft date caramel. My husband pinched this one! It was nice and nutty, and tasty, however it didn’t have quite as much pecan flavour as expected which is a shame.

PB & J – this is a peanut butter cookie stuffed with raspberry jam and topped with icing and toasted peanuts. This one was a real treat – a gorgeous mix of sweet and savoury, reminiscent of American style PB&J sandwiches.

Pretzel peanut butter – this is a chocolate fudge cookie with chocolate chips, salty pretzel pieces and stuffed with peanut butter. This was another one that was a favourite with the kids and I managed to nab a bit myself as well! Soft and chewy with a nice mix of salty and sweet.

We managed to make these cookies last a few days, but we could have easily eaten them in one sitting as they were so yummy!

I personally wouldn’t pay £17.50 for a box of six cookies though, although I know they are all handmade and clearly high quality. They would make a lovely but unusual gift for someone if you didn’t know what to get them, and I’m sure would be very well received.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £17.50 for a box of 6 cookies

This product can be purchased from Floozie Cookies here.

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