Finding the Right Contraception for You


You have more contraceptive methods at your disposal than ever before, but all of them have their potential drawbacks. It is important to know what the advantages and disadvantages of each one of these is so that you can make the best choice for you. Keep in mind that none of these will protect you from sexually transmitted diseases and none of them work 100% to prevent pregnancy. There is always the chance, no matter what contraceptive method you are using, that you will become pregnant.


Intra-uterine devices are implants that function as contraceptives. They are very effective at preventing pregnancies, but they definitely come with some drawbacks. You can’t remove them at will when you want to become pregnant. Instead, you have to go to a doctor to have them safely taken out. They are fairly expensive upfront, but that cost pays for itself over the long run, since you only need one until you are ready to become pregnant.

The Pill

This is the common name for a combined contraceptive pill that contains some oestrogen that is absorbed by the body. This changes the hormonal levels of the body, and that can cause all sorts of unwanted side effects, such as mood swings, unnatural hair growth, changes in periods and more. Your entire body can be affected by changes in your hormonal levels, and it will affect some people more than others. For most people, the pill is quite safe and incredibly effective, but a small percentage of people would be better off with something else, due to the adverse effects the pill can have on them.


A different contraceptive pill and one that is being offered by NHS, is Rigevidon. It works similarly to other birth control pills, but its side effects are a bit different. The main side effects have to do with blood clotting or blood thickening. The drug can cause complications with people who are diabetic, who suffer from blood clots already or who are at risk for blood clots. It can also cause heart attacks and stroke, but these are incredibly rare. The major benefit, of course, is that it is very cheap and effective. If you do not have any blood problems or are not at risk for clotting or diabetes complications, then you should be just fine with this contraceptive.


Both makes and females can use condoms. Neither one is as effective as most other birth control methods, but they are widely available and very inexpensive. The male condom fits over the penis, while the female condom is inserted into the vagina. Only one person needs to wear a condom at once, but a new condom should be used every time the person is having intercourse.

The female condom is less likely to burst during intercourse, and it can be inserted hours ahead of time.

Other barrier methods are available as well, and these have their own drawbacks and advantages. It is important to look at your options so that you choose the method that will work best in your situation.

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