Fill Those Rainy Days!


It is officially summer – fantastic! We all know that means long days, wall to wall sunshine and BBQ parties, and a prolonged spell of dry weather so the kids can spend hours of free time burning off energy and breathing fresh air. The summer holidays, which will be here before we know it, will be filled with carefree days, happy children and relaxed parents. If only real life worked like TV adverts tell us it will!

In reality, I think we all know that the Great British Weather doesn’t care what kind of summer we’re hoping for, and whilst we will have some fabulous summer days, we will also have more than our fair share of rainy days and even rainy weeks where we are stuck inside for what seems like forever. These are the days when its handy to have some stand-by toys, games and activities to fill the time and stop everyone going stir-crazy.

With a family trip to the cinema often coming in at close to £50 once everyone has a drink and some popcorn, and taking a couple of kids to the local soft play costing £30+ once you’ve bought lunch and a couple of FruitShoots, filling time with days out can be costly. And then you have the inevitable sugar rush to deal with at home later too!

But fear not – What’s Good To Do have been trying out a range of products from playsets to boardgames and gem excavation kits to books, to help you to keep the little darlings entertained on those rainy days and hopefully give you the peace and time to sit down with a brew and a good book!

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