Feed Your Brain, Lose Your Belly by Larry McCleary, MD Review


Reviewed by Shelley East

This book has been written by a renowned neurosurgeon who became fascinated by the paradox of the “fattening” of America.

The conclusion of the book is that calories that we consume are bypassing the brain and being stored as fat cells.

The book reveals how “sticky fat cells” can send mixed messages to the brain causing us (with a belly!!) to experience persistent hunger, overeat and ultimately gain weight. Story of my whole adult life thrown in with 4 childbirths!

You can tell this book has been written by someone with lots of scientific knowledge. Some parts of the book really made me think about my own eating habits.

Being 3 stone overweight/unhappy I really wanted to embrace the book and its tips to see if it would actually work. I admit I was very sceptical but I actually saw results within 7-10 days. I lost 10lbs but more than the weight I gained confidence and knowledge of how my lifestyle  is reflecting on my eating habits and how lots of factors can induce the chocolate to the lips!

Feed your brain, lose your belly is crammed with meal idea’s, how to make the best food choices, a seven day meal plan (which I haven’t followed yet, but intend to)… yes I actually lost weight by making a few small changes, not following the meal plan! Also lots of practical tips to get moving and  proof that this actually works by showing evidence of clinical trials etc…

I’m a yo-yo dieter! I think this book tackles my emotional relationship with food and I most definitely feel empowered to use some of the tips. This guy truly knows his stuff!

I’m not claiming I’m going to be a size 10 by Christmas, but I bet I will be in a size 14 (just one dress size to loose)… Don’t read this book half heartedly! If you really want to do it, embrace it, read it… (a little scientific but you soon pick it up) and keep it close for future reference.

Feed your brain, lose your belly… highly recommended book enjoyed it tremendously and I lost 10lb in 10 days too!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £20.99 (Hardcover) / £7.99 (Kindle)

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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