Feed a working professional for under £50 a week at Aldi Review

Reviewed by Corrin Brind

As a working professional running a house, I have a very tight budget. I was set the challenge of keeping my food shop under £50 for the week. I tend to do little shops whenever I need bits, so I did a few shops that week. The first contained some cleaning items, batteries, cookies, small bottles of water, pizza, lasagne, mouthwash, batteries, milk and Greek yoghurt and came to just £19.16. I then popped to ALDI a couple of days later for more Greek yoghurt, peanuts, giant chocolate buttons, cherry tomatoes, cookies, meringue nests and cheesecake. This shop cost £11.25. I did a later shop too which came to around £10.

I ate really well for around £40 that week, coming in well under the £50 budget I was set. As the week days are very hectic and I don’t fancy cooking a complicated meal in the evening, I did go for convenience. It’s a relief to know that when things are so tight budget wise, I can eat healthily and well by shopping at ALDI.

Rating: 5/5

Why not visit your local Aldi this week and see if you can feed yourself for under £50 per week without compromising on quality. To find your nearest Aldi store visit


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