Essentiel Vie Hydrating Moisturiser Review


Reviewed by: C Hill

As someone who used to suffer with acne and oily skin, I am very particular about the moisturisers I use on my face.  I was delighted to be asked to review the Essentiel Vie hydrating moisturiser because it only contains plant based ingredients.  Due to the natural ingredients, this moisturiser is suitable for sensitive skin which may occur during pregnancy or after the birth of your baby.  I am a mother of two and during this last pregnancy my skin did become more sensitive and after I had my baby, well, it went through every stage of ‘type’ from dry to oily to red and even itchy; having a moisturiser like this which is safe to use when you are pregnant or breastfeeding is just brilliant.  I did have to stop using some of my usual products because they contained ingredients which I was uncomfortable using on my skin during pregnancy; I would be happy to use every item on their website throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.

This moisturiser is approved and recommended by a fellow of the Royal College of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians, you can even use it on your newborn.  It does not contain sulphates or parabens which are chemicals found in many beauty products. It is vegan and it is not tested on animals. 

The moisturiser arrived rather quickly, it is made in the UK so there isn’t any worry about it being stuck at customs for weeks.  It arrived in a very basic bag without a box; this is a negative and a positive.  As a positive, it saves on waste due to the lack of packaging.  As a negative, the bottle alone does not look as good as what is inside.  If the packaging included a box, or if the design of the bottle was slightly different it wouldn’t need a further box or packaging when giving it as a present and it would be the perfect gift for a baby shower, Christmas, a maternity leave present etc. Without the box I would feel the need to place it into some kind of box or decorative bag but maybe that’s just me being lazy and not wanting any extra work around Christmas time etc.  The bottle was also not sealed, I do prefer my items to be sealed just for that extra peace of mind.

That being said, the moisturiser is wonderful.  The smell is quite moorish and I am finding myself sniffing my hands (I have been using it on my face and hands but it is suitable for the whole body) to figure out what scent I can smell the most.  It’s a lovely light scent, not overpowering and slightly feminine; not too feminine as my Husband has tried it (he loves it) and he didn’t mention that the scent was too feminine. It goes on very smoothly and is absorbed very quickly into the skin without leaving a sheen.  

It fits perfectly in my baby bag, I have the 100ml bottle and it feels like it will last quite a long time.   I will be using this when I go away because I only need to take one moisturiser as it’s suitable for the whole family. Have a look at their website because they have a lovely selection of creams and lotions for you and your baby or if you are someone who is just looking for skincare products without the toxins and at an unbelievably low price of £9.99.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £9.99

This product can be purchased from the Essentiel Vie website here.

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