Mizzie The Kangaroo Nurturing Babies Mizzie Teething Gift Set Review


Reviewed by Nia Lock

As my friend is expecting her first baby, I’ve been searching for the perfect gift.  I find it quite difficult to choose baby clothes for someone else in case they hate them or already have too many in that size.  This is why I’ve been looking for a baby toy to gift.  My friend is quite eco conscious and doesn’t really like plastic.  Rubber is much better, my own babies had a couple of rubber chew toys when they were tiny and they were very much loved, the texture is perfect for biting, and it must be very comfortable on their delicate little gums.

Mizzie the Kangaroo – Nurturing babies Mizzie teething gift set is just what I’ve been looking for.  It’s made of 100% natural rubber from the Hevea tree and is coloured a vibrant shade of orange using water based non- toxic dyes.  It’s free from PVC, BPA, nitrosamines and phthalates and is therefore supremely suitable to be chewed constantly.

The Nurturing babies teething gift set is attractively packaged in a window front box and contains one full size Mizzie the kangaroo 100% natural rubber teething toy and a mini Mizzie teether.    

The mini Mizzie teether is a small ring shape teether with a kangaroo head.  It is very light, making it the perfect first teether for a tiny baby. I found that my own babies struggled to hold heavier toys when they were just getting control of their tiny little hands.   The fact that this toy has a closed ring shape makes it ideal for taking in the pram or car because it’s small and you can attach it to the pram with a toy keeping ribbon or a plastic ring to prevent it being thrown overboard and lost.  Mini Mizzie smells rubbery as you’d expect from something that’s made of natural rubber.   The full sized Mizzie smells the same, but they don’t taste bad at all.

The full sized Mizzie is quite well balanced in a bouncy kangaroo sort of way, she stands comfortably on her large feet.  Her face is friendly and appealing, I especially like her sweet pink cheeks. Mizzie is very easy to hold by one of her legs, her tail or even around her neck.  I think her ears and nose are likely to be the favoured chew points although her tail seems quite tempting too.   Mizzie has a hole beneath her tail that emits a very loud squeak when you squeeze her, my children think this is brilliant and can’t wait for the new baby to arrive so that they can present her with the nurturing babies Mizzie teething gift set.

My Australian friends tell me that Mizzie the kangaroo is a legend over there, all the kids have one, but in the UK, I’ve never seen one before.  This makes her a super gift because there’s less chance that they’ve already got one.  Although relatively new to the UK, Mizzie has already won several baby toy awards.  The Mizzie the kangaroo website has a great range of fun and educational baby and toddler gifts, and you can also buy them in John Lewis.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £25.95

This product can be purchased from the Mizzie The Kangaroo website here.

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