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Little Box Of Nature August 2021 Box Review


Reviewed by Alice Dixon

Little Box Of Nature is a monthly subscription box suitable for 3-8 year olds. The founders of Little Box Of Nature understand how busy family life can be but how important time outside for children is. So they have made it their personal aim to get children spending more time outside in nature. Each box is delivered at the start of the month and is designed to fit through a letterbox which means no missed parcels at the sorting office. Each box is personalised to the child with their name on the front and is filled with a mix of crafts and outdoor activities themed on nature to spark imaginations and interest. The boxes can also be made for two siblings in which both their names are on the box and there is a duplicate of each activity. 

We were fortunate enough to receive August’s Little Box Of Nature box to review this week. We received a sibling box which was ideal for my two sons who can struggle with sharing. Our box arrived with a thud through the letterbox and my boys eagerly opened it. The box itself is cardboard and so we were able to recycle it. Inside each box there is:

  • A box summary sheet 
  • A monthly nature update and activity 
  • An animal of the month fact sheet and activity 
  • A nature hunt
  • An additional 2 outdoor activities 
  • 2 craft activity packs

Items were beautifully wrapped in tissue paper so we carefully opened up and laid out our items and I began reading the summary sheet to them. The monthly update gave a run down of the contents of the box which I had a quick read of before looking at the nature update sheet which told us all about the animals and plants we are likely to see in August and had a food matching activity on the reverse. Next out of our box we had a look at the animal of the month sheet which this month was the grasshopper! We read some interesting facts and there was a colouring page on the back of this one. Each box also includes a nature hunt. This is a sheet of items to find in nature and tick off. I liked that they included large, full colour photographs as well as writing which is great for younger children who perhaps are unable to read yet. Our box also had two further outdoor activities which were a nature diary and a rainbow bingo game. There was a duplicate of each sheet so both children could have a go. Leaving these items to one side initially my two boys wanted to start on the two craft activities. First up was a fox mask to make and colour. There was a step by step guide again with images as well as text plus the mask, elastic and even a pack of pencils for colouring. Again there were duplicates, including the pencils, so no sibling squabbles! Our other craft activity was a flower badge again coming with everything we needed to make it. 

Overall my children really enjoyed the Little Box Of Nature and had fun gradually having a go at each activity over the course of a few days. The Little Box Of Nature can be subscribed to monthly for £11.95 for a single box or £15.95 for a sibling box. At this cost I do think it’s a bit pricey considering the small amount of content which didn’t engage my children for too long. However it is very convenient with everything being included, no need to print out or gather supplies. I also like that the activities are fun and engaging whilst actually being educational without my children even realising. Also I liked how natural the contents of the box were with most of it being recyclable and no plastic in sight.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £11.95 single box or £15.95 sibling box

This product can be subscribed to monthly through The Little Box Of Nature website here.

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