Epic 3D Review


Epic 3D


Reviewed by Jane Hopkins

Voices: Beyonce, Colin Farrell, Steven Tyler
Director: Chris Wedge
Certificate: U
Running Time: 102 minutes
Release date: 22 May 2013

From the talented makers of the Ice Age and Rio, ‘Epic’ tells the tale of a teenage girl (Mary Katherine) who is magically transported to a magical kingdom in her father’s back garden.  She finds herself embarking on a mission with a host of lovable characters from talking snails to wise caterpillars to help these tiny soldiers; the ‘leaf men’ save the world from the evil Mandrake and his army of ugly Boggans before she can find her way home.

It’s a superb action packed adventure; a tale with humour, sadness and incredible battle scenes with astounding graphics. The voice of the Queen is Beyonce and Colin Farrell plays Ronin, the tough leader of the leaf men warriors. The 3d is one of the best we’ve seen; we even ducked down and were made to jump in places.  The graphics were incredibly real, the ‘baddies’ reminded me a little of the Orks in Lord of the rings, so scary was present but still very watchable for our little people. My seven year old son was gripped throughout, laughed in all the right places and didn’t want to leave the auditorium when it had finished. So we’ll be buying the DVD.

It is all set in a back garden and forest, which could be anyone’s back garden and any forest in the world, so next time you’re out playing in a wood, just look a little more carefully at who might be watching you.

Rating: 5/5

Epic is in the cinemas now!

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