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Reviewed by Elly Sax

I, like most people, rely on a certain amount of technology to make it through my day. I use the alarm on my mobile phone to wake me up in the morning, so I keep it plugged in by my bed all night. Once awake I check my messages, maybe use the internet banking app and then check the news. I head downstairs and pop the kettle on, I ask the wireless speaker in the lounge to play some music and settle down to sip my coffee. Already, before I have even showered and got dressed I have exposed myself to a huge amount of EMFs, Electro Magnetic Frequencies.

EMFs float around in the air, since the increase in wireless technologies it is claimed that the number of EMFs have multiplied 100 million times. According to certain research this electro pollution can create electro stress and the electro stress can make us feel unwell. People have reported headaches, difficulty sleeping, depression, tiredness, dizziness, irritability, anxiety, restlessness, nausea and lack of concentration, all of which according to some scientists can be linked to EMF exposure.

So I was sent a small parcel through the post which contained two products designed to reduce the impact of EMFs on the human body. The energydots website says their products help to ‘rebalance, bring positivity and support wellbeing’. I’ll be brutally honest, I was sceptical, and that is putting it politely, I had not heard of EMFs, I didn’t know which items in my day to day life emitted them or what potential harm they could cause me and my family. I really didn’t think that they were an issue or were impacting me in any way. I read all the information which came with my energydot products. There was a small folded leaflet which had a brief description of the various products which energydots make.

Smartdot- a small circular disc about the size of a two pence piece, it is designed to stick onto wireless equipment.

Biodot – designed to be worn on the person, there are various options, a bioband which is worn like a watch on a band around the wrist, a bio tag, bioclip and a pendant.

Sleepdot – designed to be placed near the sleeping area, also available in a cotton sleep mat

Petdot – designed to protect pets from EMFs by being attached to their collar.

Aquadot – designed to be attached to water containers, filters or coasters, it is said to energise the water within 2 minutes.

Spacedot- the premium product in the energy dot range. Designed to harmonise the energy in a 5m radius, it can be stuck to a item or purchased already at the centre of a cut glass pyramid.

Along with the brief leaflet I was also sent a booklet of information. This included information about the whole range of energydot products as well as some of the research into the effects of EMFs on our bodies and the changes which take place when the energydot products were used around peoples bodies and homes. The research included was very convincing and had information about the physical changes in bodily temperature which take place when we use mobile phones. I’m sure anyone with a mobile phone has felt how hot their ear can get after a long phone call, biodot used thermal imaging on people to show body temperature before and after mobile phone use. When wearing the biodot for 3 weeks the body temperature measured whilst using mobile phones was lessened. This is when I started to get interested, I realised I could relate to the hot ear comments and wondered whether the biodot could really work. I used the two items I was sent simultaneously. I applied the smartdot to the back of my mobile phone and I wore a biodot 24 hours a day in one of the biobands, this contained the magnetic disc which come programmed with Phi energy. I’m not sure what I expected really but there was no lightbulb moment, I didn’t feel any different when I put the bioband on, it is encased in a rubber wrist band which means it is really comfortable and looks stylish. It wasn’t until 3 days of wearing it that I realised I felt like I had more energy and I wasn’t as easily irritated. That night I slept better than I have in a long time, in fact, I woke my husband up with my snoring. The next night was the same, really good quality, restful sleep. I have definitely been made more aware of the effect that EMFs could have on our health and I am interested to find out more about the other products that energydots provide. If you or someone you know struggles with any of the health complaints linked to EMF exposure I would hugely recommend this as a gift to yourself or them. I think it is really good quality and a great price.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £35

This item can be purchased via the energydots website here.

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