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Ella James Pink Floral Wigwam Review

Reviewed by Stefanie Sofianos

What an amazing little wigwam! My daughter and I have played inside her “fairy tent” every day since it arrived and I imagine we will be having hours more fun inside it, through the summer!

It arrived perfectly packaged in a cardboard box and bubble wrap. There was a photo of the wigwam on the side of the box, under the bubble wrap. My daughter was instantly even more excited about opening the box! (Be aware if ordering as a birthday present). I noted the CE mark on the packaging, which reassured me about my daughter playing in the tent. I emptied the contents and picked up the instruction manual. Perfectly simple, clear and concise. We began by assembling the poles. There are a total of 10 plastic (but very strong) poles in the box, which join together in pairs to make 5 long poles. After assembling these, I opened out the main section of the wigwam. The material is quite heavy and durable, perfect for a child’s play tent! I found the slots for the poles and inserted all 5 poles into the material. The slots are a perfect size for the poles – not too tight that I struggled to insert the poles, but not too loose that they fell out again like other children’s tents I have assembled!

The next stage on construction was a little more difficult (especially with a 3 year old ‘helping’)! The shoelace-type cord supplied with the wigwam to tie the poles to the material was a little fiddly to thread through the pole holes and quite difficult to tighten up and tie off. Saying that, it isn’t a big issue as once it is tied together, it can stay (space permitting) tied together permanently, as it folds away very neatly and can be stored in the corner of a room (or a garage in our case). Because the poles are plastic, it keeps the total weight down, so it is easy to put away and get out. Once the poles were in, we took it outside to play! I had a bit of difficulty getting the poles into the right order so I could pull them all out as far as they could go, but I have since tried positioning them in different places when I set up the wigwam, and it doesn’t make much difference. The floor is made from the same thick material as the rest of the wigwam, and it has ties so it can be fixed to the frame and material. This is a brilliant feature. When we haven’t bothered to tie it on, it ends up folding up and getting in the way. The ties are not long enough to pose a safety risk, and are quick and easy to tie to the eyelets in the material.

The adorable window and fabric are my favourite features. The material used is really beautiful and has the right mix of patterned (flowers) and plainer (striped/gingham) fabric. Not too overwhelming or bright. My daughter loved playing ‘peekaboo’ with her sister through the window. There is a flap which can cover the window and easily fixes to the wigwam with Velcro. The bottom is stitched, so there is no chance of losing it! The doors can be fixed back to the eyelets used to tie the floor onto, to keep them out of the way. Saying this, my daughter preferred to tie them together and hide inside her “fairy tent”.

The overall quality of the wigwam was fantastic. The material is very strong and durable, making it perfect for use inside the house and out in the garden on a dry, sunny day. The stitching is perfect, the poles are strong and safe. There were no flaws at all! I was very impressed. It folds away very neatly and although we haven’t yet needed to wash it, I can imagine it washes well too from the looks of the fabric. The darker choice of colour of the floor is ideal for children, as something is inevitably going to be spilled onto it at some point! Another important point I was impressed with is that unlike our traditional pop up beach shelter which we used to use in the garden for shade, the wigwam does not heat up like an oven when you are sitting inside it. My 6 month old has been very happy lying in the doorway with the doors open, and I have been very happy that she is safe from overheating. Perhaps this is because of the thickness of the material? Whatever the reason, I am very happy with it!

A small issue which may become a problem over time and constant use (depending on the surface the wigwam is used on) is that the material at the foot of the poles is the same thickness as the rest of the material. I would have liked to see some thicker material, possibly some rubber or plastic ‘shoes’ where the poles meet the floor, as I am a little worried about the material wearing thin over time, or small holes appearing if it is used on concrete. This would also stop the material under the feet from discolouring when the wigwam is used on grass.

At £99, I think this is great value for money. The care that has gone into creating this wigwam is fantastic, and the quality is brilliant. It is not only a lovely toy, but is a beautiful feature to have in the garden on a sunny day. We will be having many more teddy bear tea parties and sleepovers in the wigwam – yes, my daughter insisted on sleeping in her “fairy tent” at the weekend. I have already recommended it to one friend and would not hesitate to recommend it to others.

Made from 100% cotton canvas , plastic poles. Dimensions: H 137cm x 183cm x 183cm.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £99

Available to buy from Not on the High Street here.


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