El Camino Bracelet Review


Reviewed by J Wright

The El Camino bracelet is unique because it tells your travel story and each item on the bracelet is chosen by you to commemorate your treasured memories.

The idea was conceived when the founders were travelling in 2013; hiking between Barcelona and Monaco and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. No doubt considering holding their own memories close.

The word camino means route, path, track or trail, words synonymous with travel and the notion of your own personal journey through life. For the review I chose one of the 4 bracelet colours, turquoise, there’s also black, chestnut and purple besides and a mention of limited release colours on occasion. The bracelets are either double or single, depending how many journeys and events you might want to mark. There are a choice of lengths to fit the individual or to suit how closely fitting you might prefer your bracelet.

The lobster claw style clasp is constructed of surgical grade stainless steel and features the El Camino logo. The coloured band is four woven cords, each with a breaking strain of over 34kgs, we can safely imagine that despite the slender nature of the bracelet it will survive your travels. It bends smoothly and it is clear when threading the beads on that it is rugged and will last.

The company boast the best materials for all their products, handmade glass for the Region, Ocean and Sea Steps. I chose two Ocean Steps which are delicately coloured and feature an understated wave shape within each. The 240 different Country Steps, Small Steps, Custom Steps and Adventure Steps are all hand polished surgical steel. And with a nod to the environment all the spacers are all made from sustainable woods and coconut.

I was amused to see a Lockdown 2020 step, another event which will have great meaning for many, it may not be travel but it is significant. Additionally there is a step for a Covid-19 Hero, this could be interpreted specifically for any one person and I like that.

The small steps could really help make a bracelet or necklace truly personally detailed, I noted that I could order island steps to detail journeys to smaller islands away from the main country or territory in which they belong. Having never been to mainland Greece I didn’t want that step but Corfu felt appropriate.

Having been a prolific traveller in the UK I was delighted to note that I could also choose locations like London, Stonehenge, Edinburgh and many others. I love Cornwall and sure enough there’s a small step for that too, representing some of my treasured memories. Again in keeping with more local places there is a North Sea step in a glacial white glass with a subtle turquoise wave shape threaded throughout.

I looked for Disneyland Paris, a recent journey of ours and whilst this isn’t in the standard stock there is the option for custom steps upon which you could have any location or event engraved. You could buy a France step, or a Paris step if you prefer. There is mention on the website of others ordering steps to note Coachella, Glastonbury, significant birthdays, cruises and other individualised events, again bringing a very personal note to your bracelet.

There are adventure steps too, each engraved with mountains, waves or arrows, I like the simplistic images and I can see how it would add to the visual design value.  I’ve showered, cleaned and generally gone about my life since receiving the bracelet and it’s taken a couple of bashes though there is no evidence of it. The glass remains intact, the steel remains shiny and the cord still strong and perfectly coloured.

Steps begin in price at around £8.49, so it may take a while and cost a little to build up a back story of travels but for each new event it is a reasonable price to record memories in an everyday format.

Each item arrives in its own tiny drawstring bag, then packaged in a cardboard envelope bedecked with the El Camino logo. My bracelet arrived in good time, each item well protected and ready to put together in any order I might choose. You’ll receive spacers with each step, creating your own unique pattern and history.

I didn’t imagine I’d be especially enthused about the El Camino bracelet, I thought it would be nice. In fact I’ve ordered the entire back history of my travels and I’m eagerly awaiting their delivery! I like the feel of it on my wrist and I especially love the Ocean steps and I can’t wait to add more.

Rating: 5/5


You can find El Camino and the array of steps and spacers here.

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