Laughing Dog Christmas Hamper For Dogs Review


Reviewed by Lindsey Wilkins

As an owner to our 8 year old Cavachon Daisy, we were delighted to be asked to review a Christmas hamper from Laughing Dog. This beautiful hamper arrived in a fairly well sized box. As soon as we opened it we could see Daisy was in for a real treat!

Laughing Dog food is a family-run farm bakery, based in the heart of the British Lincolnshire countryside. All Ingredients used are naturally wholesome, wrapped in recyclable packaging.

As Daisy has gotten older, she can be quite fussy with what she eats although, we were totally surprised at just how much she loved these treats. Everyone time I go near the box her tail starts wagging.

I must mention we are quite wary giving her anything new. As she has got older her tummy has become quite sensitive, especially with dog treats, but we are pleased to say she hasn’t had any issues so far.

In this fantastic box of goodies, the first treat Daisy tried was the strawberry and peanut butter flavour Macarons. These little beauties are presented in a cute little festive box. The first macaron was gone in seconds and she was back for more! The Macarons are naturally oven-baked, and are carefully hand-filled with dog friendly yogurt. There are 2 boxes of those, 8 in each box, which is great value.

Next up we tried the fish and tricks. These crunchy cute little hearts are a nice size, and perfect for training your dog. They are naturally grain and gluten free, made with 40% salmon and no added sugar. How good is that?!! Daisy is a huge fish lover and enjoyed these a lot! Next we tried the sleep tight biscuits. These lovely little stars are great for your dogs teeth, and have chamomile to help calm and relax your dog; what a fantastic idea! Daisy throughly enjoyed trying these.

We also had cheesy bites, which are baked with cheese and broccoli. Daisy loves cheese so these were a real winner.  She found the paw shaped fruit baked strawberry and peanut butter treats delicious! These are baked with a plant powered vegan recipe, fantastic!

The last treat we found in the box was the wheat free hand decorated Christmas bone. This is adorable and we just loved it! The bow and ‘Happy Christmas’ message really makes it look festive and super cute.

There is even a little doggy Christmas card enclosed, left blank for you to write your own message on. This is such a thoughtful idea.

There is so much in one hamper, with the added bonus of it all having no added artificial flavours and preservatives. Brilliant!

This is a fantastic hamper, but with incredible value. I would definitely have paid more for it than it cost.

We loved the bright eye catching packaging. There is so much in one hamper, Daisy adored it all.  The ingredients are great, flavourful, healthy; you know exactly what your dog is eating.

We found the treats ideal for tricks and toilet training.

We noticed these treats have long best before dates too. Which is a great when you are trying to maintain a well balanced diet for your pooch. We do worry about her weight, there are a lot of treats here but we have plenty of time to use them in.

This naturally wholesome hamper is the perfect Christmas treat for your beloved dog. It’s a wonderful gift for any hound.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £22.00

This product is available to buy from the website here.

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