El Camino Bracelet Review


Reviewed by Lindsay Burton

This bracelet has been an absolute gem to review! El Camino bracelet’s and necklaces are a unique representation of the path you’ve travelled around the world. A simple glimpse at your El Camino can tell many different stories…

I was super excited about selecting my bracelet and steps. The variety is amazing and I really thought long and hard about which path I was going to start with. I selected a double turquoise bracelet with three country steps: United Kingdom, where I met my husband; Italy, where he proposed to me and South Africa, my home country and where we got married. Wearers can choose from four different colours of bracelet or necklace, adding Steps from over 200 different countries, countless destinations, regions, seas, adventures and the five world oceans.

Delivery was quick and I was super excited about opening the package. Each country step was safely enclosed in its own teeny tiny canvas bag and assembling the bracelet was easy. I also received 3 spacers and a Mediterranean Sea Step which is simply BEAUTIFUL! Enclosed in my package was a lovely canvas bag to keep my bracelet safe should I need to take it off.

El Camino’s story states that they love travelling, they know how addictive it can be and that’s why they started El Camino. Each country you’ve visited is an accomplishment and the country’s name becomes more than just a name to you but a memory of everything you experienced there. Your El Camino is a way to keep track of the countries you have travelled to. It’s a reminder to you, your friends and people you meet along the way of the memories you’ve created all over the world.

Wearers can now choose from four different colours of bracelet or necklace, adding Steps from over 200 different countries, countless destinations, regions, seas, adventures and the five world oceans.

The company only use quality products: they take pride in everything they produce at the El Camino HQ. They use the finest materials for all of their products. From the high strength cord used to make the bracelets and necklaces to the glass Region, Ocean and Sea Steps, which are all handmade in England. Hand polished surgical grade stainless steel is used to make the clasps, Country Steps, Small Steps, Custom Steps and Adventure Steps. The little spacers that fit between each step are all made from sustainably sourced woods and coconut.

They can custom make Steps to say anything you’d like.
These can represent people you’ve met on your travels, special birthdays, festivals, big events, proposals, favourite places or celebrations. No matter what the experience, there are certain moments in life you never want to forget.

The Custom Step can tell a thousand stories that make you smile. It can say ANYTHING (there’s space for up to 32 characters on Small Steps and 29 characters on Country Steps).

Here are some examples of Custom Steps that people have ordered before:
* Glastonbury 2019
* Chicago
* Yosemite National Park
* “To live is to travel”
* Graduation 2020
* Thailand Full Moon Party 2019
* Whistler Season 2018-19
* Happy 40th Birthday – Bali
* Ha Long Bay 2018
* Cancun Honeymoon 2011
* Hollywood
* Safe Travels xx
* Caribbean Cruise 2020
* Coachella 2018

These items encompass a gorgeous and unique way to truly imprint the journey your life has followed. I absolutely adore my bracelet and have a list of countries on my bucket list that I will be adding to my bracelet once we are safely free from Covid restrictions. Please visit their website to have a look at their products which would make a lovely gift for any person! With Mothers-day around the corner, this beautiful item would make an ideal and personal gift that could be tailored around the life of your unique lady. My entire experience with this company has been super positive. The communication has been fast, efficient and super friendly and the stunning website was easy to use. Definitely a 5/5 from me!!!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: The price of bracelets starts at £26.99

This product can be purchased from the El Camino Bracelets website here.

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