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Edifier B3 Soundbar Review

Reviewed by David Savage

If you have just bought a new television or want better sound from your old one what better way to have perfect sound without having lots of speakers cluttering up the room and wires trailing everywhere than with the Edifier B3 Soundbar.

Connectivity is simple; there is one power plug, RCA connections (Line In), Aux in, Coaxial, Optical, Sub Out and best of all Bluetooth 4.0, so your television should have at least one on of these types of connections. It also comes with a wall mounting bracket and remote control.

The soundbar measures 100cm (1 metre) and is approx. 8cm deep and really doesn’t take up much room. If you didn’t want it by the television it does come with a mounting bracket to easily fix it to the wall. It contains 4 speakers and 2 tweeters giving around 70 watts of crisp sound and has the Digital Sound Processing (DSP) system. In black it will compliment any TV or home entertainment system and its triangular design makes in very stable on a television stand. With power and volume controls on one end or by remote control is very easy to control.


So how easy was it to connect and use, and what did it sound like?

First I connected to the television using the RCA cable supplied, just plug it in using the colour coded connections – simple. While this was a simple connection I found the sound not very loud and benefited more when a subwoofer was attached.

Secondly I connected via the option I was most interested in; Bluetooth. This again was extremely simple; just turn on Bluetooth on your device (tablet or television) and once the soundbar appears in your devices list click connect. I found the sound to be much better, flawless and a lot louder using the Bluetooth connection and obviously no wiring.

As I said, the sound when connected using the RCA cable wasn’t (for me anyway) loud enough but that could just be my television. The sound when connected via Bluetooth was perfect using Android tablet, iPad and Bluetooth on the television. In all cases the sound was clear and free of distortion. The range on the Bluetooth is great (range of 10 metres) as I forget to turn off the Bluetooth on my tablet and went upstairs and was still connected.

The remote control is small with buttons for power, volume, connection plus 3D, News or Movie options for different sound options.


The soundbar has a nice feature that after 10 minutes or so of no activity it will switch to standby mode to conserve energy.

So what do I think of the Edifier CineSound B3 Soundbar? It has a clean design, it is sturdy and well-built and has quality sound, especially via the wireless Bluetooth connection and looks great. A great way to add better sound to your television system or tablet.

I would say that if you are connecting via the RCA cable maybe the CineSound B7 Soundbar would be a better option as this is supplied with an 8″ subwoofer.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £149.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

For more information visit www.edifier.com.

4 half Star

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