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Eco Zone Soap Nuts (1kg) Review


Reviewed by C Hill

I was very excited to be asked to review these soap nuts, I have wanted to try this next level of eco cleaning but I had always been a little bit sceptical and therefore not taken the plunge.  

A little bit about me and my family’s laundry habits; I usually wash my laundry mostly in an eco friendly washing detergent with an average fabric conditioner and occasionally an antibacterial fabric conditioner.  I have two very outside loving children under the age of four and a husband who leaves his gym clothes in various places for days before they appear in a pile in front of my washing machine.  These soap nuts had their work cut out.

When they arrived I was a little perplexed because these are supposed to last for 330 washes, even my husband pointed out that ‘there is no way 330 things in there’. So I unwrapped the bag and read the instructions.  There is a handy table telling you how many soap nuts to use depending on your water type and how soiled your clothes are.  You place the nuts into the little pouch provided and place it in the drum with your normal laundry load.  There is a slight smell of vinegar to the nuts, not a problem if you have a laundry room and therefore more space for them to have their own cupboard but we don’t at the moment so I have a feint whiff when I open my cleaning cupboard.

I decided to try them on a lightly soiled wash, I didn’t fill the machine up to absolute capacity like I have been known to do in the past.  Surprisingly they produce suds, not as much as other detergents but I wasn’t expecting any at all; whether this is residue from our normal detergent I’m not sure.  You can hear the nuts at points in the wash but this was mainly at the start of the wash and compared to my dryer balls these were almost silent.  When this first wash was finished I went to empty the clothes and was rather underwhelmed with the lack of ‘fresh’ smell.  I know this fresh smell we have all become accustomed to is probably just perfumes but I definitely missed it.  The clothes were clean looking, after they had dried they were definitely clean, they work! You reuse the soap nuts about four times before you need to change them, when they are no longer useful you can compost them so there is absolutely zero waste. 

At £12.99 for the 1kg bag, it works out at 3p per wash.  When has saving the planet cost us so little? They are easy to use, easy to store and safe.  I don’t have to worry about my children getting into them and eating them, unfortunately that is becoming more commonplace with other laundry tabs.

We are due to move house soon so I am on a declutter and spring cleaning mission, it’s surprising how many items of clothes decide to fall down the back of the sofa or under beds.  I have used the soap nuts for five or six washes now and I really miss the smell of any detergent, I think I will drop some essential oils onto the nuts for my next wash.  Unfortunately my husband’s gym kit will still have to be washed with my usual detergent because by the time I get them, they do smell unpleasant. On heavy soiled wash loads they needed a little help so I did another mini cycle, I think I might try with more soap nuts than they recommend to see if it will tackle the tough loads.

The soap nuts will work in top loader and front loader washing machines, they are completely biodegradable, vegan friendly and hypoallergenic and organic.  Those are some top credentials for an amazingly low price of 3p per wash.

Their full list of credentials are, vegan, organic, eco-friendly, allergy UK certified, vegetarian, no animal testing, healthy living, biodegradable, palm oil free, paraben free, triclosan free, suitable for septic tanks, phthalate free and UK made. 

I’m still trying to find the ‘catch’ but I don’t think there is one, I can add essential oils if I need more aroma from the laundry.  These are a hit for me and are helping my big spring clean and decluttering. They are on sale at £8.70 at the moment so EVEN more of a bargain!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £12.99, on sale for £8.70 at the moment.

This product can be purchased from Eco Zone Direct here.

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