EasyMat Review

Reviewed by Lynsey Roberts

The EasyMats are made up of three sections in the design of a smiley face. The mats are 100% silicone and are available in a number of colours. We have the pink full-size mat and orange mini mat. The pink is a lovely shade for girls and the orange a nice and bright neutral colour for both boys and girls.

Both mats have a very good stick which stops bowls sliding about and being thrown off the table and high chairs which has been my daughters favourite new game recently! The mini mat is also a great portable size and comes with a case for while out and about. This is great if like me you spend so much time wiping down high chairs. Now I just put the mini mat down and you know it’s clean for your child to eat off.

We have a small booster chair so the table is slightly smaller than the average high chair ones which means unfortunately that these mats are both too big for using at home on the high chair but are great for when we eat either on the floor or on at the table.

The mats are great for meals and snacks for babies being weaned but also toddlers. They are fun and help develop motor skills with the small bowls and promote self-feeding. My daughter enjoys mixing all the nicely divided food together!

The silicone spoons are a great size, slightly longer and deeper than the weaning ones we had been using previously which has been great for runnier food such as yogurts etc.

The entire set is extremely easy to clean and are dishwasher safe which is a bonus. However, we often find ourselves hand washing them as we need them quicker than the machine is on.

The products are slightly expensive with an RRP of £19.99 for the EasyMat, £16.99 for the EasyMat Mini and £9.99 for the weaning spoons (currently selling for £15.99, £14.99 and £7.99 respectively) or you can buy the Mega Weaning Bundle (1x EasyMat, 1x EasyMat Mini and 1x 4 Pack EasyTots Silicone Weaning Spoons) for £28. However, they are very good quality so if you have cash to spare I would recommend spending the extra on them.

These mats and spoons are great additions to our kitchen and nappy bag. I would give these products five out of five and would definitely recommend to other families with babies and toddlers.

Rating: 5/5

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