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Drumond Park Barbecue Party Review

Reviewed by Becky Speller

My son asked me to put my name down for this review as he really wanted this game, so I was pleased when we were given the opportunity to review it.

The quality of the game is great all the pieces are well made and the BBQ is sturdy, whereas some games are cheap and thin plastic. The game is also really easy to set up and play and the instructions are very clear. The only real assembly required is to stick eyes onto the various food items for the BBQ.

The basic object of the game is to put pieces of food on the grill and take them back off again, trying not to make the BBQ grill go ‘pop’. Cards are used to decide which food item to take off or put on. The first person to successfully get 3 pieces of food off the grill (4 for anyone over 6 years old) wins the game.

It was so refreshing not to have to spend hours looking at instructions and working out how to play. We just got on with it and cracked straight on with the game.


We had great fun playing and had quite a few games before my 9 year old tired of it (this is quite unusual). One small criticism is that the grill mechanism is not overly sensitive and therefore it didn’t pop on quite a few occasions and the game was won based on the cards.

Overall a brilliant game (similar to Buckaroo), which is good fun and can be enjoyed by all the family. I would definitely recommend it over some of other games in our collection.

Rating: 4.5/5

Box Contains;
1x Barbeque; 1x Grilling plate; 2x plastic Chicken drumsticks; 2x plastic Hot Dogs; 2x plastic fish; 2x plastic broccoli fleurettes; 2x plastic tomatoes; 2x plastic peppers; 2x plastic corn on the cob; 2x plastic mushrooms; 1x pair of tongs; 1x sticker sheet; 17x Food Cards; 1x Instructions

Suitable age: 4 years + | Players:  2 +

RRP: £19.99

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4 half Star

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