Dreamcoat Stars Aylesbury Waterside Theatre Review


Reviewed by Amanda Dando

Dreamcoat Stars arrived in Aylesbury Waterside Theatre on Wednesday 1st November.  If you haven’t visited before then there are good parking facilities close by and a grand Wetherspoon’s just across the road if you have time for a Pre show drink or dinner.  We arrived tonight to a very long queue outside the theatre, a sign of a large crowd for sure.

I had really been looking forward to seeing these guys, who are all west end stars from a variety of shows, of course their main common denominator is they have all been the lead in Joseph and his technicolour dream-coat, a show which is most definitely in my top ten.  They did not disappoint at all.  I shouldn’t have a favourite, but for me the voice of the night had to be Sam Cassidy’s, what a voice, would love to hear him sing some proper rock, but his voice just seemed made for musicals, closely followed by Graham Tudor, some of his vocals were simply amazing.

Between the four of them they have a wealth of musical theatre under their belts, and they are all very good both individually and as a group.  The breath of musicals covered was amazing, Joseph (of course) Jersey Boys, We will Rock you, Sound of Music, Lion King, Moulin Rouge, Les Miserables, Mama Mia, Six and The Greatest Showman.  What’s not to love about a playlist from all these fabulous shows.  For me, this just was a feel good show from start to finish, and there were very few tunes I didn’t know.  They have a very special way about them, and genuinely look to be having the best time up on stage, they don’t just sing, they give background to their careers and give insights to their different experiences on stage over the duration of their careers.

I think if I had to pick favourite tunes of the night it would be Lion King and Greatest Showman, but nothing could top the Joseph numbers accompanied by a local children’s choir.  What an amazing gesture to use a local choir in each of their tour stops, those children on stage tonight looked like they were having the time of their lives, the smiles (once they got over their nerves) and just the joy was just brilliant to experience and be part of, the guys genuinely involved them, it really made the show for me.

The staging is simple but effective, colourful and felt intimate when the guys sat in various places on the stage, they always seemed so relaxed and gave every song their all.  You could believe you were at a west end performance on many occasions to be honest, such was the depth and quality of their voices.  They have two more tour dates in 2023, but a whole host of dates released for 2024, I for one for sure will go to see them again, dreamy Dreamcoat’s, what’s not to love. Book tickets if you can, you will have an amazing evening.

Rating: 5/5
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