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This Side Up – Or Not! Review


Reviewed by Kirstie Western

Like any good parcel, this one looks completely battered.  I love how authentically lost in the post but finally delivered it looks!  Labelled with every postage sticker available (fragile, heavy, recyclable) it looks like the real deal.

What I do like a lot is that there is no extra packaging, just a sleeve round it that contains all the information you need to be able to play the game (and it’s securely attached so it doesn’t just slide off).  And at Christmas when your recycle bin is full – this is great!

The game isn’t too heavy, or too cumbersome which is good being as you have to be able to throw it into the air and catch it!

Six sided, it has six orientations which you need to have showing on top.  The game tells you which side you need to have showing the ceiling when you catch it, and it shouts loud enough even granny can hear!  So when it shouts blue, you have to throw it into the air and catch it with the blue side facing up.  It shouts red and you have to throw it up again, and catch it with the red side up.  So some kind of catching ability, spatial awareness, memory of where the colours are and an ability to have the parcel rotate in the air are a must.

You can play alone, it has a lone player mode.  Which means my kids can each privately have a go, trying to memorise which colour is on which side.  Or have battles against one another to see who can reach the highest score.  Alternatively we can play as a family and throw it to one another, have a laugh at ourselves and each other while having some fun time together 🙂

The age range is 8+ which to start with I thought was a bit on the older side.  How ever, having played it, and seeing the dexterity and level of understanding required to be able to play it, I can see why it is eight and above.

The kids are still playing it now with some friends from school, it’s taken them away from the pc and given them so social interaction with one another which is also a big tick from me for this game!

Overall – great lack of packaging (why would you need to box a box?), easy to play (just two buttons – play and repeat the scores), turns off by itself after inactivity, gets my kids away from screens and means we have some fun as a family (competitively or just collectively)

Rating: 5/5 and should appear on any Christmas Day games list as far as I’m concerned!

RRP – £24.99 (maybe a bit pricy but a good bit of fun)

This product can be purchased from Smyths toy superstore here.


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