Dr Brown’s Options + Anti Colic Baby Bottle Starter Kit Review


Reviewed by New-Mama

When starting to make the decision to introduce bottles (for expressed breast milk or formula) to your baby, you suddenly realise how many different options there are! This can overwhelming for many parents, especially if sleep deprived. There are so many different brands, different size bottles, different size and shape teats and it can be very hard to know what would be best for your baby. The brand Dr Browns helpfully makes the focus and aim of their bottles very clear; to reduce colic, wind and burping.

I was keen to try the brand having heard many friends use them successfully. I was sent the Deluxe Starter kit. This kit contains 1 270ml bottle, 2 smaller 250ml bottles, and then 3 different size teats (3 level 1 teats aimed for 0 months plus, 2 level 2 teats for 3 months plus, and 3 level 3 teats which are for 6 months plus). I think ideally there should be enough of each size teat for each of the bottles (so 3 of each) and I would be prepared for the price to increase slightly to reflect this as it would allow all bottles to be used no matter what size teat your baby is using. 2 small bottle cleaning brushes are also included alongside some paper instructions in different languages. The kit is therefore certainly sufficient for a starter kit, containing all the bits you would need to use the bottles regularly (aside from sterilising materials which are required when using bottles for your baby and can be bought separately from this or other brands). The different teat sizes allow the bottles to grow with your baby, with the sizes having different flow rates. As far as I could make out, the levels fit with the standard different teat levels so can be easily understood by parents.

The main feature of the Dr Brown bottles are the addition of the internal vent system (the green straw like feature in the centre). It works by ensuring that any air entering the bottle is channelled to the end of the bottle through the created vacuum, rather than staying within the milk. This means that when the baby is feeding from a bottle less air should also be swallowed. This air is typically what causes the excess wind, need for extended burping and can cause discomfort for your baby leading to colic. What is also great, is that the bottles can be used without the vent so no unnecessary cleaning of these sections if the vent system is no longer required.

The bottle themselves are shaped to enable easy holding by parents and carers, and volumes are clearly labelled in both oz and ml allowing you to make up the bottles without any guessing of amounts. All the bottles are made from BPA plastic so are entirely safe for use. The brand claims to be the number one choice from UK health professionals. Indeed from first glance, the brand is cleverly designed to look scientific or pharmaceutical in nature which I think works by making it seem evidenced based. I have no reason to doubt the brands claims since they have over 20 years experience.

One of the most important things for me was the teat shape, to allow my baby to move between breast and bottle without difficulty. Dr Brown’s bottles have been designed with this in mind and are ‘breast like’ in shape for ‘more natural feeding.’ Their flow is also controlled by the vent system allowing babies to feed at their pace as in breast feeding, meaning that they are less likely to start refusing the breast.

I have only been using the bottles for a few days however they seem to be working as suggested. I think the idea of the starter kit is a great idea, making it easier for parents to get what they need in one go. They would also be a great gift for new parents if you knew they were planning to use bottles. Bottles and teats can also be bought separately and other kits are also available including an ‘essentials bottle gift set.’

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £25.99

Available to buy from Baby Central here.   the brand’s bottles are also available from many high street stores.

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