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Grabolo Review


Reviewed by Linda Curtain

With grandchildren who love board and table games – despite living in a world of high tech electronic devices – I was delighted to receive the game ‘Grabolo’ to review. Its arrival just before the school holidays was an added bonus!
‘Grabolo’ is a fun game from the John Adams company which focuses on hand and eye coordination. This British based company is well known for developing and marketing great children’s toys and games. Their products encourage imaginative and creative play in a fun inclusive way.

My immediate impression on receiving the item was how bright and appealing the packaging was. With eye catching designs in bold, primary colours I could see the instant appeal for youngsters. Within the centre of the box stands a transparent tube containing all the playing pieces for the game. This screw-top container acts as storage for the playing pieces and the two dice, meaning is fully portable – a great idea to be able to take the game to play on holidays or days out.

The very clear instructions were easy to follow with no complicated rules or setting up. Basically, tip all the pieces onto a table, roll the two dice and try to grab the matching objects! Easy but with a competitive edge!

We tipped the pieces onto a table and the grandchildren were eager to start grabbing. Two dice were thrown by the first player ( the youngest of course!!) and with one dice showing the colour green and the other showing a pig, the race commenced to grab the green pig. This object was then hidden out of sight and play continued until the same item matching combination was thrown again. Players then have to name the person holding that item. Guess correctly and they get the playing piece – guess wrongly and they have to surrender one of their pieces. Play finishes when the first player has collected the selected amount of pieces ( the amount varies according to the number of players. )
The game was very well made with chunky, strong, colourful pieces – rabbits, cars, people, pigs, ducks and trees each in six colours – which could well withstand the handling required during the game. I did feel however that the storage tube was less sturdy and may not last as long as the game pieces.

We did find playing it on the table led to pieces falling off so it was more successful played on the floor. Also the instructions suggest hiding the pieces in your hand, but with small youngsters hands we just hid them behind us.
This is certainly a fabulous, fun game suitable for all the family. It can be played with two or more players making it an ideal games for summer fun in the garden or while away on holiday.
A great game from the John Adams company.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £12.99

This product can be purchased directly from John Adams at and other retail outlets.

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