Don’t Make These Mistakes On Your Blogging Journey


There are so many mistakes you can make on your blogging journey, but we’re here to help you avoid them and get off to a great start. Blogging can be a fun hobby, but for those who want to make it into more of a business venture, avoiding mistakes and getting it right is so important. If you want to make sure you’re in the right position to earn some money with your blog, read on for the mistakes you should avoid: 

Plagiarizing Content

Never, ever plagiarize somebody else’s content. This doesn’t just mean lifting content straight off the page, either. It means rehashing it so that it’s a bit different, and changing a few words here and there. There are all kinds of posts like this out there, and they will do nothing for your credibility. Come up with your own ideas and put your own unique spin on things. Quote other blogs you’ve read and give bloggers the props they deserve for writing great posts before adding your own two cents. 

Plagiarizing content is not only illegal, it is a sure way to gain some enemies and a bad reputation in the industry right from the start. 

Ignoring Your Audience

If people are commenting on your posts in an attempt to engage with you, don’t ignore them. Commenting back to each and every comment, even if only a short thank you, will do wonders for growing your audience. Get involved with them and try to build strong relationships. If you ignore them, they may attempt to connect with another blogger elsewhere. 

Ignoring Analytics

Your analytics can give you a big clue into the most popular posts for your site. Ignoring them will mean you have to guess which posts to write in future, and that’s not a very effective technique for optimizing your blog. 

Treating Your Blog Like A Hobby Instead Of A Business

If you want to make money, you need to treat your blog like a business. You could look into mikrotik vps to make it safe and secure, as well as come up with a posting schedule to ensure consistency. Working on your blog for a few hours each day is essential if you want to be successful. 

Failing To Work On Your Overall Social Media Presence

Your social media presence can make a big difference to your success. Are you posting enough? Are you putting unique content out there to build followers, and are you marketing your posts? If not, it’s time to start. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have – just do it! 

Picking A Topic Because It’s On Trend

You should pick a topic because you are knowledgeable, and because you know your audience will like it. Picking a topic purely because it’s on trend could seem forced if you aren’t the most learned on the subject. 

Not Figuring Out How You’ll Monetize Figuring out how you’ll monetize from the beginning is important if you’re taking this seriously. Will you become an affiliate, or will you use ads?

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