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Dixit Board Game Review


Reviewed by Alice Dixon

We are a family who love to play board games. We play together every weekend enjoying a mix of board and card games, the more unusual the better. Like a lot of families Christmas is one of our favourite times to enjoy a board game together. In fact there is usually at least one or two new games under the tree as presents for someone. We especially like something fun, a bit different and that can have a lot of players for when we have lots of relatives come visit. The game Dixit which we have been playing this week is just the sort of game we love for some fun after Christmas dinner. Dixit is a storytelling board game made by Lillebud. It is for 3-8 players and recommended for 8+ years.

The board game is packaged in an attractive, medium sized cardboard box. My first impression was how the box itself is beautifully designed. Inside the box are an instruction booklet, a board, two decks of cards, 8 character play pieces and 8 voting tokens which need to be assembled. When we first opened the game I was initially worried that it was going to be complicated. There are a lot of pieces and a lengthy game guide. However once I started reading through it became clear that the game is actually a fairly simple concept and we were quickly playing. There was even a separate sheet with a diagram showing how to build the voting tokens.

Dixit is an easy to learn game all about storytelling. Each player chooses a playing piece, which I thought were so cute as they are little rabbits in different colours, and places them on the starting space of the board. At the end of each round the playing pieces are moved according to the number of points gained. The first to reach the end space of 30 points is the winner.

Each player begins with a hand of cards. The player who is the storyteller for the round selects one of their cards and uses a word or phrase to describe it. The other players then select one of their own cards which they feel matches. The cards are then shuffled and placed around the board. Each player then votes which they think is the storytellers card. Points can be won for correctly guessing and for tricking other players into voting for the wrong one. Players draw a new card from the deck and the next round begins with the following player now being storyteller. The main idea of the game is to be subtle. For this reason I can understand why the game is more suitable for 8 plus years. It is definitely fun for older children and adults too. Whereas my youngest son struggled a little to describe his cards without giving too much away. I love how imaginative you can get with this game. You could use a word or a phrase to describe your card. Or you can be more creative and sing or use a quote. We had a lot of fun with this game describing and trying to fool each other. For example I had a card depicting a winter tree in which I used a quote from Narnia to describe it. My son then tried to fool people by playing a card with a witch on!

What I love most about Dixit is the deck of cards. The artwork on them is absolutely stunning. Each one is unusual, beautifully illustrated and colourful. I can imagine us having a lot of fun with this game. We played as a family of four but I think when we have our family visit for Christmas it will be a great party game to get us all laughing and will be even more fun with more players.

Dixit retails at around £29.99. Each piece of the game has been beautifully made and is sturdy. It is certainly very high quality for the price. It’s a great idea for a Christmas present for children that can then be enjoyed with all the family or friends. I’m very excited to see that there are also numerous expansions each adding new decks of cards to the game which are now on my son’s Christmas wish list.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29.99

This item can be purchased from Amazon here.

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