Divine Chocolate Ginger and Orange Review

Divine Chocolate
Dark Chocolate Ginger & Orange

Reviewed by Angela Davis

This arrived on my desk just as I had made myself a cup of coffee, so I didn’t need much persuasion to try a bit.

The first thing that hit me as I unwrapped was that wonderful dark chocolate smell, so very rich and enticing. It didn’t disappoint in the mouth either, but I suppose as a 70% chocolate it should have the full dark taste. Next to hit was the orange which to me is one of the most wonderful combinations with such a rich dark taste, somehow they just marry together so well & never disappoint.

However I waited for the ginger to hit, but in that I was disappointed, I couldn’t taste it at all. I had of course to try a bit more just to make sure that the spice didn’t come through in another piece, but no, it didn’t really hit at all until well after I’d eaten it. Eventually I had the taste in my mouth of the chocolate & orange with only a very slight hit of ginger. Being someone who loves ginger I’d have liked a bit more of a hit from that, but overall this is a truly divine chocolate & with it being Fairtrade as well it is a pleasure to indulge in & know that the farmer is getting a good deal from the product.

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