Dinosaur Roar! Playbox by Paul and Henrietta Stickland Review

Reviewed by Brian Grehan

As you may or may not know Dinosaur Roar! is a classic children’s picture book with rhyming text, The Dinosaur Roar! Playbox is the storybook, 12 small dinosaur figures and a playmat game and contained in a hardback box.

The storybook features colourful dinosaurs of every shape, size and colour with rhyming text that describes each dinosaur featured on the page “dinosaur roar, dinosaur squeak, dinosaur fierce, dinosaur meek”. My twin boys love the rhyming text being read to them and the colourful dinosaurs certainly grab their attention.

The box also contains a large good quality playmat game and 12 small dinosaur figures that can be used as playing pieces. They dice included is one you have to cut out glue/tape together. It’s a basic board game when the players line their dinosaur up on the start line and by rolling the dice have to move their dinosaur forward. Whichever dinosaur gets to the end first is the winner but be warned there are some bonus spaces like “roar like a dinosaur” or “run around the playmat” to forfeits such as “Go and hide! Miss one turn”. Making it a fun and entertaining game for small children.

Another good thing about the playbox is that the book, dinosaurs figures and playmat can all be stored neatly in the playbox and when the lid is closed looks like a hardback book and looks great on the bookcase.

Overall this is a fun book and game. Very colourful and the playmat matches the dinosaurs in the storybook. My only small gripe is that making the dice out of the thin cardboard it won’t last long especially with toddlers so we will have to replace the dice with a standard one.

At £12.99 for a colourful, fun book with a game and figures that can also be played with independently I think this is great value for money and would make an excellent present.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £12.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 half Star

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