Dickies Davant Safety Boots Review

DickiesDavantDickies Davant
Safety Boots

Reviewed by Thomas Hamilton

Firstly I am aware of the brand and I can guarantee to anyone Dickies is great for workwear, whether that’s boots, trousers, Hi-Vis, PPE or shirts. Every day I am in Dickies work trousers and with years of experience wearing them I know they are built to last.

Also it helps that I have a Dickies not too far away in the Lowry outlet mall which every time I go shopping I always seem to end up in the Dickies outlet.

To start I ordered the size 7 of the new Davant boot, these have steel toe caps and midsole with water resistant leather uppers and antistatic, shock absorbent heels and have breathable lining throughout. I’ve had trouble In the past with previous work boots not fitting and having to get a size down on occasion, this has not been the case with Dickies I’ve had the boots for 2 weeks now and have no issues with them although sometimes with work boots I find they can be restrictive whilst kneeling but they are flexible, allowing full movement.

I am currently working abroad and have taken them with me. For a boot they are lightweight and working in 30+ degree heats I have found that I’m in no discomfort wearing them.

Overall I am very pleased and great full that I got the chance to review the work boots also I have recommended them to my work colleagues who also as me wore the trousers but yet to try the boots.

I will be definitely purchasing Dickies boots next time I require a new pair.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £37.50

Available to buy in black or brown in sizes from 6 to 12 from Dickies here.


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