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Designs By Lolita Dragonfly Magic Wine Glass Review


Reviewed by Rebecca Wong

Every wine drinker knows that once you have discovered your favourite wine, be it white, red, rosé or all of the above, the next important feature of wine drinking is the glass you drink from. A part of drinking wine is the feel of a beautiful wine glass in-hand. It’s like an expertly engineered car. Different things may be important to different people. It may the shape of the glass, the weight, the colour or texture. Whatever your preference the design of the glass will add to the enjoyment of your tipple just as much as the design of the wine itself. Just try drinking your favourite wine out of a mug and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

So when the delivery of a parcel containing a glass that instantly promises to give you added joy to your wine drinking experience then it’s impossible not to get excited! I have to admit the packaging surrounding the item was really extreme and unnecessary, as a consumer who always looks for environmentally friendly packaging, I was surprised at the huge amount of cardboard used to deliver the item. I was only thankful that it was just cardboard and completely recyclable!

Once opened I found a lovely vibrant coloured cylindrical box showing the design on this particular glass which was called ‘Dragonfly Magic’. The picture showing me a cute little Dragonfly design on the box. I love anything with designs inspired by nature so knew immediately that this glass would be going to the top of my ‘favourite glasses’ list. Once out of the box I found that the picture didn’t do the glass justice. It took me a few minutes of rotating it and inspecting it from different angles before I could really take in every aspect of the wonderful design.

The glass was beautifully covered in a backdrop design of reeds and lily-pads with a number of flamboyant pink dragonflies, each speckled with prink and clear gem-like beads. Even the stalk has the same pattern and the base of the glass features a full purple flower with a dragonfly sitting just on top of it. It doesn’t stop there either, the bottom of the glass also lists the ingredients for a ‘Dragonfly magic’ cocktail recipe, should the drinker want to get a little more adventurous. Finally the recipe is finished off with the trademark Lolita’s signature.

Each glass is unique as they’re each hand-painted meaning that no two glasses will ever be the same, even with the same design. Because of the paint and the adorning beads, the wine glasses are hand-wash only which is to be expected. This is a glass you wouldn’t hide away in a cupboard; it deserves to be proudly displayed and would make a brilliant gift for any wine drinkers in your life. It’s the kind of item that you would treasure, yet look forward to using. Even before the wine has been poured it will bring a smile to anyone’s face. I really couldn’t think of better gift for a wine drinker.

The glass can be purchased from the Lolita website for £19.95. The Lolita range features a whole variety of equally beautiful and eye-catching designs and includes other glass types such as gin glasses, stem-less glasses and flutes. There’s a design for every occasion. These glasses really are a sight to behold and will be the talking point amongst friend at any gathering. It definitely is a unique gift with a difference, to make the holder feel that bit more glamorous and to add an extra bit of joy to every sip of wine taken. I really cannot recommend these beautiful glasses enough and have to give it a 5/5.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.95

This product can be purchased from Designs By Lolita here.

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