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DermaTherapy Bedding Pillowcase Review

Reviewed by Emma Rogers

Clinically proven, this bedding is ideal for sufferers of skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, acne etc.) and those undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy and need something more delicate to sleep in compared to normal bed sheets.

DermaTherapy Bedding is designed to control the moisture in the fabric so that moisture is removed, thereby aiding sleep. It’s used by athletes to help control their body temperature at night and is ideal for menopausal women with night sweats and hot flushes. It’s also great for those who are in bed or in contact with pillows etc. for a prolonged amount of time such as those in hospital because it helps prevent pressure sores and reduce bacteria.

I suffer from acne, so I was ideal to test this out as it should help me too!

I was sent a white pillowcase (50 X 75cm) to try (RRP: £19.95 single / £34.95 double). It looks like a normal pillowcase but once you remove the packaging you realise it’s actually silky smooth – not like silk in a slippery way but the fibres feel really delicate and soft. I would imagine this would be a comfort to young babies who can’t sleep very well, but I’ve tested it and it works on adults too! The packaging claims to improve sleep quality by 60%. I’ve tested it for a few nights and I must admit, the first night was a much better sleep. There’s no ‘hot/cold side’ of the pillow as the pillow stays cool all the time, so if you’re like me and turn your pillow to be cooler, it is going to help you have a lest restless night’s sleep. There’s very little friction with the pillow too, so I can understand why it helps prevent pressure sores as you’re not shifting around all the time, but at the same time you’re not sliding off if, for instance, you’re like me and you sit up in bed, propped by a pillow.

It is laundered in the usual bedding way, withstanding 90-degree centigrade temperatures, just don’t use bleach or fabric softener, but you can tumble dry it and iron with a cool heat.

Time will tell if it affects my sleep long term but for the moment it’s got my thumbs up!

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £19.95 (Single) / £34.95 (Double)

For more information or to buy visit www.dermatherapybedding.co.uk.

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