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DentekDentek Dental Products

Reviewed by Katie-Louise Lander


DentakEasyBrushDentek Easy Brush
As I set out to take my son to school I was aware that on my I would be having a parcel pushed through my letterbox on this day. Once home I carefully opened my door to see a brown packet laying on the floor in front of me, I picked it up and opened it up excitingly and was faced with a dental set I had wanted in the past. I rushed upstairs to the bathroom, brushing my teeth quickly and ripping open the packet to extract the Dentek brushes, pulling one out I began to clean between my teeth but every now and then the metal wiring in the centre of the brush would catch my teeth and it would send shockwaves down my body and my face to wince, it wasn’t pleasant on my sensitive teeth. I’m sorry to say I wasn’t able to use the brushes again after that as fearing I would catch one of my teeth with the wiring put me off. My fiancé on the other hand really liked them especially after eating tea he would sit watching the TV whilst brushing away. My recommendation for this product would be if your sensitive to metal wiring touching your teeth don’t buy this product but if not it’s an absolute god send for them little pieces of food that get stuck in your teeth that your toothbrush just does not reach.

DentekTongueComfort Clean Tongue Cleaner
The Dentek Tongue Cleaner on the other hand I absolutely fell in love with, it’s an item that I’ve wanted for some time as not only does it clean the tongue it helps with bad breath by scraping away bacteria that sets on the tongue. The tongue cleaner is long in length and has a triangular shape at the top with a slight ridge which is the scraper, so it is easy to store alongside your toothbrushes in the bathroom and also if needed in your little handbag if you are planning a night out or even in your travel wash bag for those sunny holidays or surprise romantic weekends away. I would definitely recommend this product and I have purchased more since receiving this one, a fantastic little tool that really keeps your tongue clean and fresh.

Rating: 4/5

Dentex products are available to buy in supermarkets and pharmacies. For more information or stockists visit

4 Star

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