Death Drop At The Lowry Review


Reviewed by Hannah Chan

Death Drop is hysterical and priceless. There is no way you can go and see this show and leave without it making a lasting impression! In a good way! It was hilarious, my friend and I absolutely loved it. If you are a fan of in your face, side splitting comedy this show will not disappoint. Advertised as a Drag Murder Mystery Comedy, you get exactly that!

The Lowry was a fantastic venue, I have been here before and it didn’t disappoint this time. Perfectly located just minutes away from an affordable car park, shops and restaurants. The whole area felt very safe and was well lit. Current guidelines and recommendations with regards to Covid 19 were emailed along with tickets, all were very clear and easy to follow. When we arrived there was a mini bag check and we were greeted by the friendly staff. I don’t think I have ever been to this theatre and encountered someone who wasn’t smiling or helpful. Although I have never been in attendance when the theatre felt so alive. It was dazzling.

Heading through to our seats again was very simple, everything is sign posted very clearly and there are staff everywhere on hand to help. The walkways and toilets were spotless and spacious.

As we sat down we saw the stage, lit up in purple, a scene of the entrance hall and dining room of Lady Von Fistenburg’s island manor. The show begins on the night of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s tenth wedding anniversary in 1991, there is a terrible storm raging and as guest arrive for the evening they are soon cut off by a fallen tree. Each quest with their own secrets, all somehow mysteriously connected yet no one knows how or why in the beginning. With a power shortage and no telephone lines, there is no one coming to rescue them as the hilarious and ridiculous events unfold. A clever ‘who dunnit’ which leaves the audience guessing and captivated. Expect lots of one liners, crude jokes and don’t expect having much time to catch your breath before you’re laughing again. I have to say I would be back to watch it again tomorrow night and I am sure I would be laughing my socks off to the same jokes. One thing in particular that I did love was the costumes. Sparkly, extravagant and really giving off an air of who the characters were. I think there was only one joke in the whole two hour show I felt originally went on a little longer than it should but the audience loved it so I’m clearly in the minority there. Saying that though as the same joke reappeared as the show progressed, it did get funnier when applied in new situations with new guests.

It was a little slow to start I thought but obvious and dramatic, setting the scene. I was wondering what exactly was going to happen. However it snowballed quickly and within ten minutes we were glued to the stage. We are introduced to the characters one by one. The first being the host of the dinner party, the elusive Lady Von Fistenburg played by Vinegar Strokes, who shot to fame following RuPaul’s drag race, had me in stitches. Her strong singing voice and elaborate outfits are not to be missed.

Then Holly Stars, who played my favourite characters of the evening, catering triplets Brie, Blue and Spread Bottomly, (three peas named after cheese. I will never forget that line) actually wrote the show itself based on an idea by producer Christopher D Clegg. She is a very talented lady and well known in the UK drag world. I am still laughing at many of the things that were said during the show, her lines especially. She stole the show playing all three parts. The plot twists keeping you on your toes.

Karen from Finance, of RuPaul’s Drag Race Downunder fame, played reporter Morgan Pierce was a force to be reckoned with. Georgia Frost was fantastic in her role as Phil Maker the stereotypical sexist London television producer. Her voice projection and the way she brought her character to life was just fantastic. Rich Whiteman was played by Richard Energy, in the beginning I wasn’t too sure about his character but I quickly warmed to him and his portrayal as a limp, Conservative MP was just brilliant. I ended up loving him, especially in the scenes when he was wearing his nighty!

Ra’Jah O’Hara played two parts in this show, the sexy meteorologist Summer Raines and the mysterious inspector. Her character was quite clever and her outfits, wow. How she moved around the stage in heels I would fall over just looking at is beyond me! Amazing.

Finally was the one hit wonder pop singer, Shazza, played by William. Who looked simply stunning and has a great singing voice. The show wouldn’t have been the same without her.

I loved the references to the 90’s, born in the late 80’s myself it was full of nostalgia, but hand on heart I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat crispy pancakes again.

My friend and I have been repeating our favourite quotes to each other all morning, I don’t think we’ll forget the evening for a long time. I don’t think there was anything really I could criticise, the ending was little random but seemed to work in the scheme of things. I do feel that the background story line came second to the performers, I’d love to see them improvise a show one evening and see where it ends up.

I give this show and the venue 5 out of 5 stars. The whole package was just so memorable.
Death Drop is playing at The Lowry until Saturday 16th October, tickets can be purchased here and begin at £20. A great price for an evening of laughter.

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